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Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Integrity delivers benefits

Companies that act with integrity in addressing fraud, bribery and corruption have an advantage with real business benefits. To that end, we help companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct and measure the financial implications of disputes.

When unusual financial activity is suspected, we can investigate, perform electronic evidence discovery, and review financial reports — all with the sensitivity and urgency required. And if necessary, we can provide expert witness testimony to explain our findings.

That’s why some of the world’s largest companies — and many of its best-known law firms — turn to EY.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Anti-Fraud
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Dispute Services
  • Forensic Technology and Discovery Services
  • Fraud Investigations

Sector focus

EY - Managing Bribery and Corruption risks in the oil and gas industry

Managing bribery and corruption risk in the oil and gas industry

New challenges posed by the current volatility in the oil and gas market, including increased geopolitical risks, reduced capital expenditure and potential budget cuts, are making compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption a key business priority. These and existing challenges that include the global nature and scale of the oil and gas sector, and the complexity of the working and contractual relationships with governments, joint venture partners, suppliers and other contractors, require significant management focus to ensure compliance with regulations.

EY - Managing bribery and corruption risks in the life sciences industry

Managing bribery and corruption risks in the life sciences industry

According to our 2016 Global Fraud Survey, 11% of company executives across all industries believe that it is common practice to use bribery to win contracts. This figure increases to 15% in the life sciences sector, which is the highest across all the sectors.

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EY - Managing insider threat

Managing insider threat

An effective insider threat program not only protects digital assets, it also reduces security risk to physical assets such as industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. In this brochure, we discuss the EY Insider Threat Maturity Model and the role of information governance along with advanced data analytics, in formulating an effective insider threat program.

EY - Internal audit's role in preventing corruption

What is internal audit's role in preventing corruption?

Executives face personal liability for the corrupt activities of their employees. Here we look at anti-bribery and anti-corruption analytics to help you manage this risk.

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Economic uncertainty. Unethical conduct. How should compliance functions respond?

EY - Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey 2017

Our 2017 Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey suggests that organizations need to rethink their approach to compliance.

EY - Global forensic data analytics survey 2016

Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2016

Cyber breaches and insider threats are the fastest-growing risks driving investment in forensic data analytics. Learn more in our Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2016.