• Beyond disruption to new innovation

    Entrepreneurship is susceptible to digital disruption, and policy must adapt to give young entrepreneurs effective support to grow and scale.

  • Risk and reward

    When it comes to dealing with the impacts of climate change on infrastructure, business-as-usual is no longer an option.

  • EY의 글로벌 정부 및 공공부문

    시민과 정부를 위해 더 나은 세상을 만드는 방법에 대해 알아봅니다.

  • Talent acquisition for a government of the future

    The “government of the future” requires the right talent in middle and upper management to drive effective decision-making and new service delivery models.

  • Citizen Today: 2016년 4월

    최신 Citizen Today호에서 예측이 점점 어려워지는 환경에서 계속 유지될 수 있는 유산을 남길 수 있는 방법을 모색합니다. EY의 새로운 Citizen Today 웹사이트를 방문해 컨텐츠를 확인하고 최신 인쇄 버젼을 다운로드하시기 바랍니다.

  • Citizen Today: 2015년 12월

    빠른 변화의 속도는 진전을 위한 중요한 기회가 될 수 있습니다. 금번 호에서는 오늘날의 도전 과제에 대응하기 위해 정부의 혁신 방법을 모색합니다.

  • Citizen Today: 2015년 8월

    동 호에서는 미국 디트로이트 시의 파산 회복 경험, 인도 소기업의 역할, 민관 파트너십의 부상 등에 대해 소개합니다.

  • 역동성: 정책 어젠다의 결정, 달라지는 삶

    동 호에서는 유럽의 개발 원조, 학생들의 학비 지원 관련 새로운 접근법, 여성의 기업가정신, 빈곤 퇴치 등 보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Citizen today: G20 특별호

    G20 정상 회담에서 글로벌 리더들이 논의할 주요 이슈를 정리하였습니다.

정부 및 공공사업

정부 및 공공 부문의 혁신


정책입안가들은 빠르게 변화하는 세계에서 활동하고 있습니다. 인구통계학적 변화, 도시화, 기후 변화는 21세기 정부에 영향을 주는 장기적이며 지속적인 수많은 동향 중 일부에 불과합니다.

긴축 재정, 성장 부진, 높은 실업률에 직면한 상황에서 금융 위기의 여파는 여전히 많은 국가에서 지속되고 있습니다.

EY의 정부 및 공공부문 산업 센터는 세계 각 정부가 혁신을 주도하는 데 있어서 각광 받는 파트너가 되고자 합니다. 신흥시장과 선진 시장의 크고 작은 국가에서 귀사가 직면한 다양한 이슈를 이해하며 지속적인 영향을 주는 솔루션을 제공합니다.

EY의 글로벌 하위 섹터

  • Defense

    Public sector debt is spiraling in many countries, and the desire to reduce budget deficits has suddenly become top priority for policy-makers around the world. Portfolios across the whole spectrum of government are coming under pressure. Defense is no exception.

    However, while armed forces will likely continue to be required to reduce budgets even while national demands on their capabilities remain very high, two trends are evident. In the Western world, the spending growth typical of high-developed countries that dominated the defense landscape for decades is over. In developing countries, defense spending is increasing significantly. Because they have lower public debt levels, most of them are successfully funding the expansion of their defense capabilities.

    EY help governments around the world move toward increasing effectiveness through improved organizational structure, procurement and resource management.

    Contact - Bjorn Conway

  • Education

    Education is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Globalization, new technologies and a knowledge economy that is dependent on high quality and effective education are rapidly transforming the sector, requiring innovative thinking to deliver performance improvement across the industry.

    At EY, we provide tailored solutions, practical insights and industry experience to help our clients achieve improvements in service delivery and operational performance. Our key areas of experience are:

    • Institution-wide shared services implementation
    • Market opportunities and service delivery models
    • Major transformation projects
    • Major reform projects
    • Economic and regulatory analysis including funding models
    • Enterprise intelligence, including data integrity, effectiveness of information
    • Performance improvement / cost reduction
    • Capital planning / asset management
    • Internal audit / risk management / governance frameworks
    • Evaluation of programs
    • Fraud investigation

    EY recently acquired Parthenon Group, extending our global expertise extends across public sector and non-profit education providers, foundations, private companies and service providers, and investors.

    We have a dedicated practice of professionals with on-the-ground experience across multiple industries and projects in education strategy, reform, innovation and implementation. Our breadth of experience and depth of service as strategic advisors to the education industry is unmatched, with knowledge that spans all levels of education, including early childhood, elementary, secondary, higher, vocational and professional education across both public and private sectors.

    Contact - Stephanie Fahey

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  • Digital Government

    Digital Government is a powerful tool to enable the provision of better public services to citizens and businesses. We can provide end-to-end services and consultation for the public sector in implementing Digital Government. From defining Digital Government strategy to the final implementation, with our rich expertise we can fill every element, including strategy development, target group identification and expectation gathering, blueprint creation, process re-engineering, information technology development and audit and implementation.

    Our experience and offerings particularly relevant to Digital Government include:

    • Conceptualizing Digital Government strategy
    • Process and operational re-engineering of Digital Government projects
    • IT architecture development of Digital Government portals
    • Service and client selection for specifically eProcurement projects
    • Implementation, financial valuation as well as impact assessment of Digital Government projects

    Contact - Rahul Rishi

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  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure investment and development is a top priority for governments globally — an indispensable necessity for poverty reduction, social progress and inclusive economic growth. While rapid urbanization is putting pressure on emerging markets to develop critical new infrastructure, developed economies need to expand existing infrastructure due to aging assets and sustained underinvestment.

    With global population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025, infrastructure investments are needed to supply sufficient water, roads, housing and power. Among the issues facing governments are:

    • Aging infrastructure
    • Predictions of future national transportation gridlock
    • Soaring energy and water costs

    Governments are also facing challenges in meeting their infrastructure obligations. Infrastructure projects are significant in size, scope, complexity, and in financing arrangements. They also bring increased public scrutiny and more demand for stakeholder engagement.

    We provide support from the earliest stages of analysis, from project evaluation to procurement, financial close, construction and operations. We can assist our clients in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that involve public, federal or private financing, project revenues and/or grants — and provide support to our clients in their implementation of those plans.

    Our global award-winning Infrastructure Advisory team of more than 700 dedicated professionals has a strong track record in providing advice across the infrastructure life cycle.

    Contact - Bill Banks

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  • International development

    Systemic problems continue to echo across developing countries. Extreme poverty and hunger, child mortality, energy security and gender equality are just some of the issues requiring attention.

    Addressing such diverse challenges is not easy. Development assistance remains integral to the fight against global poverty. However, effectively deploying such assistance is rarely straightforward.

    From understanding the funding needs of recipient countries to ensuring that programs deliver sustainable change in a transparent and efficient manner, there is no shortage of challenges to address.

    Contact - Rohan Malik

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  • Job creation and entrepreneurship

    The problem of unemployment has impacted both developed and developing economies, particularly the youth. Over the last few years, the number of people estimated to be out of work has grown to more than 200 million.

    Governments are turning to entrepreneurs and the private sector in the recognition that they are significant engines of both job creation and economic growth. We believe governments, entrepreneurs and corporations must work together to avoid a lost generation.

    We have created a framework to help governments harness private sector development. The framework helps federal and provincial governments, donor agencies, and international economic development agencies and not-for-profit organizations to drive inclusive growth through job creation. It is designed to encourage entrepreneurial activity in organizations of all sizes and attract domestic and international investment.

    Contact - George Atalla

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  • Pensions

    Shifting demographics and limited financial resources have accelerated the need for governments to act systematically, swiftly and decisively. The value of pension promises made to retiring baby boomers may be up to 100% greater than initially expected. Policymakers now need to consider not only the short- and long-term sustainability of their pension and retirement policies and systems, but to do so without delay.

    Few countries have clear answers or have yet taken steps to effectively respond to, and prepare for, the new environment. Constant review, adjustments and reform are now required. As policymakers consider how to make pensions and retirement sustainable and whether pensions are best delivered by the public or private sectors or a mix of both, EY’s Government & Public Sector teams are helping drive transformational change.

    Contact - Josef Pilger

  • Public financial management

    At EY, we have a globally connected network of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals who are working with governments and public sector organizations around the world to address complex problems and achieve leading practice in Public Financial Management (PFM).

    Our 500 PFM professionals worldwide support government efforts to apply clear, consistent and transparent policies, controls and procedures.

    Read more about our PFM capabilities

    Contact - Arnauld Bertrand

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    Visit www.publicfinanceinternational.org for all the latest PFM news and insight

  • Tax & customs

    Business and tax landscapes are changing dramatically, and the pace and complexity of change continues to increase. EY help clients across the globe navigate this shifting landscape.

    Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labor and capital. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. Our Global GPS Tax team can provide tax compliance and advisory services, tax policy development, as well as support the strengthening and modernization of tax and customs administrations.

    Contact - Petr Medvedev

  • Transport

    Transport is vital to any nation’s prosperity and standard of living. The solutions required to solve transport challenges are becoming increasingly complex. With government funding now very limited, governments need to be innovative to increase competitiveness through improvements in transport efficiency and customer service in the face of population growth and capacity constraints.

    EY is at the forefront with service providers and government policy makers as we meet these challenges. Our global network of professionals is skilled in all aspects of the sector. Working across both the passenger and freight sectors, we assist governments with:

    • Transport strategic planning
    • Transport investment business cases
    • Customer experience and service improvement initiatives
    • Commercial and financial advice on major transport projects
    • Contestability and commissioning
    • Regulatory reform
    • Business process transformation and change management
    • Strategic procurement and program management
    • Enterprise-wide risk management and internal audit
    • Business information and management reporting reform.

    Contact - Tony Canavan


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