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Improving operational efficiency

Market change is accelerating. New business models often emerge, while the old ones become outdated. Changes in models and processes occur at an increasing pace. All this results in increased complexity in core processes, requirements to reduce costs in order to remain competitive, ongoing changes in operating models and the need for deep organisational transformation.

We work with clients to dig deep into their businesses, creating sustainable and necessary transformation. Our approach is to develop a fact-based, pragmatic and compelling case for change, and help to formulate a detailed implementation plan.

We focus on building capability and skills which create a platform for continued and future success. Our services include:

  • Organisational model
    We help companies identify an optimal structure to support their core and support processes through understanding current state and assessing enterprise and process maturity. We work with you to build a new organisational model to support your long-term strategy.
  • Cost reduction and productivity enhancement
    We develop comprehensive programmes to optimise all the key components of operating and capital expenditures that help companies catch up with industry leaders and retain their competitive position in the long term.
  • Lean manufacturing
    We assist companies in comprehensive projects to implement lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques. A unique approach underpins our projects. It is based on a programme for long-term development of customers' resources, improving employee skills and building internal competencies for continuous improvement.

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Ksenia Babushkina
Partner, Advisory Services Leader for Central Asia and Caucasus