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Strategy and business model

The right strategy and business model are fundamental to a company's success for many years ahead as they help determine priorities and ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. However, in order to achieve goals, strategy must be supported by strong governance, an efficient organisational structure focused on value-adding business processes and performance management tools.
Our objective is to help shareholders and management capture long-term goals and define a common strategy to attain them.

  • Developing a strategy and business model provides shareholders and management with a list of long-term targets and the ability to track the way they are achieved using detailed business cases and calculations. Such strategy must determine key business lines, prioritize objectives, describe the key strategic initiatives to be implemented and provide a specific action plan.
  • Developing an operational model is based on a company's strategy. We work to identify an optimal business structure, define core and support processes and build an optimal organisational structure based on such processes, describing the desired distribution of powers and responsibilities.
  • Commercial strategy is developed in order to improve the performance of the sales and customer support function. We aim to increase margins and sales and determine the most effective tools to implement change. Among other things, we work to improve distribution, enhance pricing efficiency, revise the product portfolio, reduce the number of SKUs, improve promotion and marketing, etc.

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Ksenia Babushkina
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