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EY and SOS Villages d’Enfants shipped smiles to Mali

Our traditional St Nicolas party which took place on 11 December 2011, was of particular significance as it brought a humanitarian aspect into view.

Children did not receive a gift from St Nicolas as usual but gave themselves one of their toys for children in need living in a SOS Village d’Enfants Monde in Mali.

This act of solidarity has been a real success since it enabled to collect more than 250 toys!

SOS Village Enfants Noel

EY Luxembourg covered the transportation and other related costs to guarantee shipping via Cargolux.

Toys arrived at the Ecole Fondamentale SOS Hermann Gmeiner in Socoura (Mali) on 23 January 2012 and have been distributed to children in need living in the SOS Village d’Enfants over there.

It was an excellent opportunity for EY Luxembourg to put corporate responsibility into practice and to demonstrate generosity.

On behalf of all children in Mali and the association SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde asbl, we would like to thank all the children and parents for their generosity towards less fortunate children. They have brought a smile to many children in Mali!

Here are some pictures of kids that are now the proud owners of the toys!

SOS Village Enfants Toys

Gala SOS - Strong commitment to the community

Being committed to the society to which we belong is part of our continuous effort to get involved in areas where we feel we can really make a difference. For nine years, EY Luxembourg is supporting SOS Village d’Enfants Monde, reflecting the way we think about the role of our social and citizen responsibility and how we intend to engage actively in some communities.

SOS-Kinderdorf International is a non-for-profit organization which was established 60 years ago and is dedicated to helping orphans and other abandoned and destitute children in 132 countries worldwide to live in a family type of environment through the concept of SOS Children's Villages. It also helps children and their families through Family Strengthening Programs providing material, psychological and educational support. Over 160,000 children and young people receive an education through SOS Schools, SOS Kindergartens and SOS Vocational Training Centers.

For the ninth year in row, EY Luxembourg sponsored the Gala Concert of SOS Village d’Enfants Monde. The yearly renowned charity concert is a high point in the association’s fundraising activities. Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness The Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg, this yearly Christmas concert took place on 8 December at the National Philharmonic Hall with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Rafael Frühbeck and featuring the great solo cellist, Claudio Bohorquez.

The funds collected in 2012 will support a humanitarian program in Senegal.

SOS Village Enfants Senegal

EY gives its input to education

Our CSR plan also includes the support of institutions such as the International School of Luxembourg (ISL).

Since 2000, EY has been supporting the ISL’s technology infrastructure, by enabling the ISL to develop its comprehensive computer platform. Today, ISL students use technology at every level and in every classroom. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy provides them with the necessary skills to learn independently, to solve problems, to communicate, to innovate, and to collaborate.

EY’s sponsorship of the ISL lies with our idea of integrating socially responsible thinking and action into all aspects of our business and of having a workplace opened to the world around us. It shows our willingness to encourage young people in their education to succeed in their careers.

Our professionals devote their time on a regular basis to visit students of the school to share their own experience. Those series of presentations are greatly appreciated as it helps students gaining exposure to various career paths, as well as learning about personal qualities, skills and interests that are useful for various job opportunities.

Tennis Spora

We have enlarged our CSR agenda with a new initiative in the field of sports: we believe that sport is very relevant to a dynamic and healthy society and would like to contribute through support a local sports club.

EY Luxembourg is supporting the Tennis Spora tennis club of Luxembourg, becoming one of the Club’s main sponsor. Tennis Spora is one of Luxembourg’s most renowned clubs having won over 60 InterClub championship titles. The Club includes world-class players such as Luxembourg’s #1 men and women tennis champions, Gilles Muller (ATP #54) and Mandy Minella (WTA #110).

This annual sponsorship is reinforced by the punctual sponsorship of specific tournaments such as the “Bambesch Junior Tour 2011” (picture below). Tennis Spora

EY Luxembourg supports cultural sponsorship

Our continuous commitment to helping develop associations extends to cultural sponsorship, which is an opportunity to contribute to the growth and diversity of the cultural life in Luxembourg.

Musek am Syrdall is a non-profit making association dedicated to the cultural development in the local area around our EY office in Munsbach-Syrdall. In 2012, Musek am Syrdall celebrated its 25th anniversary and as a support, EY Luxembourg was pleased to sponsor the Musek am Syrdall festival, a local music festival presenting a series of 6 to 8 classical concerts, jazz concerts or ballet shows during the first half of the year in Luxembourg.

Our financial support consists in helping artists to make their first stage appearances and developing their talents while enabling our people to benefit from such cultural event.

GSM collect – EY Luxembourg gets “éco-citoyen”

Collecte de vieux GSM - Handicap InternationalSince 2008, EY Luxembourg is participating in the GSM collect organized by Lux Eco Mobile, a company that recycles used cell phones and batteries, in partnership with Handicap International.

All year long, a box -provided by Lux Eco Mobile- is placed at the disposal of our colleagues for them to drop the cell phones they don’t use anymore; the box is being collected every 4 to 6 month.

The collected phones are sorted then recycled or redistributed: the cell phones that are still working are re-packed and sold again in countries in which this is a real need. Broken items will be transferred to SuperdrecksKëscht which will eliminate them.

“It’s a very original idea. Everyone has a cell phone and we have many young employees who quite regularly buy new cell phones, and then we wonder what to do with the old ones. This is actually something of great interest to our people and so it was very easy for us to put this in place.” Alain Kinsch, CEO of EY Luxembourg

And why eco –“citoyen”? Because for each GSM collected, a donation is made to Handicap International. “37€ allows one handicapped kid to get the appropriate equipment”.

Foundation “Ecouter pour Mieux s'Entendre”

Ecouter pour Mieux s'Entendre

Alive thanks to private donation only, the foundation « Ecouter pour mieux s’entendre », created in 2009 in collaboration with Luxembourg Philharmonie, tries hard to give excluded people or handicapped people access to music thanks to workshops, concerts and tailor-made projects.

Those actions mainly take place in hospitals, specialized centers for people suffering from Alzheimer, prisons or hostels for children or homeless people; it enables them to overcome social barriers through music.

EY Luxembourg supports this association by helping financing a concert dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer, which took place from 9 to 12 January 2012.

ICHEC Housing Project

At EY Luxembourg we make a point of supporting those who invest their time and skills in helping underprivileged people.

“ICHEC Housing Project” is a humanitarian initiative launched by students from ICHEC Brussels Management School, aiming at financing and building family houses and schools in underdeveloped countries, and we decided to give our support by sponsoring the building of one of those houses in India. 70 students will spend next summer to make this project a reality.

In 19 years time, 739 students from this school have allowed the financing and building of 656 houses and 7 schools and we are proud to have contributed to this great project.