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Olivier Lemaire Olivier Lemaire
Partner, Telecommunications, Media and Technology Leader
+352 42 124 8419

Brice Lecoustey Brice Lecoustey
Partner, Advisory services Leader for the Commercial and Public Sector
+352 42 124 8917

Gael Denis Gaël Denis
Partner, Assurance services
+352 42 124 8325

Bart Van Droogenboek Bart Van Droogenbroeck
Partner, Global Tax Telecommunications Leader
+352 42 124 7165

Helene Delamare-Gutton Helene Delamare-Gutton
Manager, Team leader Luxembourg
+352 42 124 8773


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Luxembourg ICT infrastructure and opportunities - video

Luxembourg ICT infrastructure and opportunities

EY’s Olivier Lemaire explains how Luxembourg can continue to successfully compete in Europe and establish itself as the right place for Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

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