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Picture of Alain Kinsch Alain Kinsch
Country Managing Partner, EMEIA Private Equity Fund Leader
+352 42 124 8154
Olivier Coekelbergs

Olivier Coekelbergs
Partner, Luxembourg Private Equity Fund Leader

+352 42 124 8301

Olivier Jordant Olivier Jordant
Partner, Private Equity, Assurance services
+352 42 124 8301
Michel Feider Michel Feider
Partner, Private Equity, Assurance services
+352 42 124 8257
Laurent Capolaghi Laurent Capolaghi
Partner, Private Equity, Assurance services
+352 42 124 8855
Alban Aubree

Alban Aubrée
Partner, Assurance Services, Private Equity
+352 42 124 8120

Thierry Bertrand Thierry Bertrand
Partner, Financial Accounting, Advisory and Reporting services leader
+352 42 124 8436



Kai Braun Kai Braun
Partner, Luxembourg Alternatives Advisory Leader
+352 42 124 8377
Mathieu Volckrick

Mathieu Volckrick
Directeur Associé, Fund Advisory services
+352 42 124 7047



Katrin Lakebrink Katrin Lakebrink
Partner, Transaction Tax Leader
+352 42 124 7287
Nicolas Gillet Nicolas Gillet
Partner, Valuation services
+352 42 124 7659
Picture of Adriana Boixados Prio Adriana Boixados Prio
Directeur Associé, Private Equity, Transaction Tax services
+352 42 124 8807



Christophe Vandendorpe Christophe Vandendorpe
Directeur Associé, Transaction Advisory services
+352 42 124 8120


Business Development

Carmen Von Nell-Breuning Carmen von Nell-Breuning
Senior Manager, Business Development Private Equity
+352 42 124 8733


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