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The Young Tax Professional of the Year award – A first of its kind in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 28 May 2013

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EY is pleased to announce that Pol Mellina from Luxembourg was elected best Young Tax Professional of the Year (YTPY) during a gala ceremony which took place on the evening of 27 May 2013 at the Légère Premium Hotel in Munsbach, Luxembourg.  The Young Tax Professional of the Year competition spans over 250 universities in 30 countries and allows young and talented students to participate and demonstrate their tax technical, professional and inclusive leadership skills not only in their own country but also at an international level. EY has organized the YTPY Award for the first time in Luxembourg.


The local competition

In Luxembourg, three finalists were selected in early May based on their performance in the analysis and solution of tax business case studies submitted by a team of tax professionals of EY Luxembourg.

A jury composed of tax partners of EY as well as of tax professionals and influential members of the tax community coming from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives (academia, tax administration and corporate tax directors) were looking for evidence of creation and analytical strengths, as well as practical skills to evaluate the finalists.

The gala ceremony was organized in the frame of the well-known EY’s Tax Club series of events organized all over the year in Luxembourg.


The international Final

The Luxembourg Young Tax Professional of the Year winner will take part in the third edition of the international YTPY Final to be held at the end of August 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in conjunction with the annual international Congress of the IFA (International Fiscal Association). That prestigious event is an exceptional opportunity for all successful country finalists to work closely with a diverse range of tax professionals, tax professors, tax directors and EY partners – all specialists in international tax matters. They will be challenged with case studies and interviews before expert judges confirm the three winners of the YTPY Award.


The awards

The finalists of the international YTPY Final will be celebrated at a prestigious awards ceremony where the award winners will be announced.

The three award winners will be presented with prizes that provide an opportunity for personal experience as well as a connection and an understanding of the various tax markets:

  • First prize: a 30-day “round-the-world” business trip built around 10-day working visits to key EY Tax Centers in London, Washington and Hong Kong.
  • Second prize: a 10-day visit to one of EY’s Tax Centers in London, Washington or Hong Kong.
  • Third prize: an invitation to participate in an EY international client conference, at which the winner will have the opportunity to meet EY leaders and clients.


Encouraging and rewarding the next generation

The YTPY award honors the contributions of promising students and graduates and serves to:

  • Reaffirm the growing importance of tax knowledge in the world of business and finance among university students and graduates;
  • Promote the emergence of young talented professionals in the field of tax, thus fostering interest for the tax profession and a future career in this field of expertise;
  • Inspire companies and the tax community in participating countries to invest even more for the development and excellence of the tax profession.

Marc Schmitz, National Director of Tax at EY Luxembourg and Chairman of EY’s Tax Club comments: “We were committed to organize the YTPY also in Luxembourg to demonstrate how much young talents are important to us. We believe they are the future generation of tax professionals, a profession that is growing in relevance and in strategic importance internationally. Thank you to all participants from the University of Luxembourg, and congratulations - and good luck - to the winner Pol Mellina for the international final in Copenhagen.”