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Partnership with Europe4StartUps announced during the ICT Spring 2013

Luxembourg, 18 June 2013

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Tomorrow, on the ICT Spring, where 3500 ICT Players are expected to participate, EY will officially announce its recent partnership with Europe4StartUps on the E4S Village in which they jointly sponsor.

EY Luxembourg, partner of Europe4Startups, the European Gateway for eBusiness companies

As part of its strategy to support our country in order to further invest in the ICT sector, attract innovative companies in Luxembourg and to consolidate our market leadership position, EY decided to join forces with Europe4StartUps six months ago and bring their skills and expertise to the companies which have been selected to join their unique program. Europe4StartUps (E4S) is a Non-Profit Organization which helps promising eBusiness and multimedia companies to start up or boost their ventures in Europe as they provide them with 12 months-high value services for free.
This brand new initiative gathers 9 key partners that offer a full range of services to 12 companies selected every year. EY is proudly one of them, along with SecureIT, HP, Am Cham, Farvest, Technoport, Lancelot, Tango and Bonn & Schmitt. 

All of E4S' partners have set up a complete package of services for the selected companies under the program, which include cloud computing and storage, business commodities (such as open space offices, internet and phone lines), marketing and visibility support, advisory, social networking and specialized IT recruitment services and also tax, operational advisory, corporate finance and financial reporting services through EY’s commitment in order to structure the base of their development and expansion. All of these services are dedicated to assist these start-up companies to develop and expand in Europe and around the world.
"This program is an outstanding opportunity to fully deploy our start up package and EY Open Doors Program as well as to identify the power companies of tomorrow" says Bart Van Droogenbroek, EY’s Global Tax Telecommunication Sector Leader in charge of this new partnership.

Joint efforts to make Luxembourg even more attractive and provide one stop shop solution for start-ups

EY and E4S both aim at attracting promising companies to Luxembourg, while reinforcing the competiveness of existing and evolving information, communication and technology community worldwide, as well as sharing and deploying Luxembourg’s assets abroad.

“Luxembourg has a long history of pioneering in the telecommunication, media and technology space over many years and has clearly demonstrated its commitment to further develop this sector. Our key partnership within E4S is a clear contribution to the country’s strategy by helping promising eBusiness and multimedia companies to start up or boost their ventures by providing a one stop shop back office solution so that they can focus on what they do best ... innovate” explains Olivier Lemaire, EMEIA* Telecommunications Leader at EY and TMT* Practice in Leader in Luxembourg.

Last March, Helene Michel, Chairman E4S and Bart Van Droogenbroek, EY Tax Partner attended the Game Connection of America (GCA) where they presented, along with Georges Schmit, General Consul of Luxembourg in San Francisco, our country’s assets as well as “Great tips to tap the EU Market”. They also launched together the 2013 E4S contest for new start-ups to integrate the E4S Program.
E4S and EY have planned to attend other similar events in the upcoming months. Indeed, today, one year after the E4S’ official launch, 12 companies - acting in different areas of business and coming from alternative horizons such as eco-conscious e-gaming, e-marketing platform, 3D avatars creation, new and smart social network and projects funding platform - have already joined the program. Others are about to add to the list (replacing the ones who benefited from the Partners’ services in 2013), amongst which 2 of them to be selected on the ICT Spring by the Advisory Board of which, once again, EY is member. 

The right time to announce the E4S partnership with EY

As the platinum partner of the 3rd Edition of the ICT Spring, EY also chose to officially announce its partnership with E4S.
This year, about 3500 key decision makers in IT, technology, web and marketing, investors and gamers coming from 60 countries as well as 120 innovative start-ups also there to promote their products and services are expected.
Additionally, the latest web technologies and IT innovations will be unveiled in an original format during the exhibition, which will include live demos of 150 exhibitors. The Europe4StartUps Village, along with the “Rabbit’s Community” will exhibit, show real-time happenings such as business demos, games competitions, and present smart tips and keynotes on hot ICT topics. Professionals of the sector will also share their insights on what tomorrow will bring.

Olivier Lemaire concludes: “After 6 months of cooperation within Europe4StartUps and successful projects with the selected Startups of the program, we are convinced that E4S is the right model of one stop shop to support innovative start-ups and, through the complementarity of its partners, is far more valuable than traditional incubators”.


About Europe4StartUps

Europe4StartUps (E4S) is a Non-Profit Organization which helps promising eBusiness and multimedia companies to start up or boost their ventures in Europe by providing them 12 months of premium cloud storage and additional other business services for free.
E4S was launched in July 2012 with 9 key players in their respective industries. All of these companies (called the Services Providers) have joined their forces and put together a complete and high value service package called the E4S program.
Each year 12 companies are selected to join the E4S program and can benefit from this unique opportunity.

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EMEIA*: Europe, Middle East, India, Africa
TMT*: Telecommunications, Media& Entertainment and Technology