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Fund Registration

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What is EY Fund Registration?

EY Fund Registration is a full outsourcing service for the cross-border distribution of your funds.
EY Fund Registration supports you with the registration and maintenance of your UCITS, AIFs and other CIS through our dedicated client-focused team with specialist distribution knowledge, including:

  • Preparation of cross-border application files
  • Coordination of registration process with foreign regulators
  • Ad hoc registration and distribution-related services
  • Fund registration web-based platform

What is EY Fund Registration designed for?

  • Full outsourcing of the cross-border registration and maintenance of your fund products
  • Helping to ensure a lean and risk-controlled registration process
  • Ongoing monitoring of the completion of your application file and overall time-to-market
  • Full oversight of your cross-border distribution activities
  • Cost monitoring to ensure full transparency to you and providing insight into the cost-income ratio

What are the key benefits of EY Fund Registration?

  • Online fund registration platform
  • Multiple dashboards with extensive functionalities allowing you to monitor the registration status of your funds on an ongoing basis
  • Integrated service delivered by seasoned professionals, ensuring you a shorter time-to-market
  • Distribution cost reduction thanks to improved time-to-market
  • Regulatory compliance risk mitigation 


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