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What is EY Market Intelligence?

EY Market Intelligence is an interactive information matrix through which asset managers can access meaningful, comprehensive fund market data and analysis, including both aggregated share class level information and qualitative information on key target distribution markets.

The EY Market Intelligence matrix includes:

  • Distribution market profiles and attractiveness
  • Investor appetite by fund product and strategy type
  • Investors’ preferences and expectations
  • Initial and subsequent fund registration costs and time frames
  • Registration maintenance costs
  • Local distribution channels
  • Local sales and marketing practices
  • Fund flows and trends analysis supported by the EY GFD dedicated business intelligence tool, Interactive Market Analytics.

What is EY Market Intelligence designed for?

  • Defining the distribution strategy of your fund products based on reliable market data
  • Cutting distribution costs by optimizing your distribution strategy
  • Supporting your decision-making process with insightful qualitative market analysis and conclusive quantitative fund flow data
  • Monitoring trends in target distribution markets

What are the key benefits of EY Market Intelligence?

  • A web-based user-friendly platform, accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Building distribution strategies based on dynamic and customizable data
  • Distribution cost reduction
  • The interactive business intelligence tool, allowing you to navigate through dynamic data and to create customized charts and tables to illustrate current market positions and trends according to your needs


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