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Regulatory Intelligence

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What is EY Regulatory Intelligence?

EY Regulatory Intelligence is an interactive information matrix offering you a comprehensive compilation of the regulatory requirements governing the cross-border fund registration and marketing of UCITS, AIFs and other CIS, including, among others:

  • Local initial and subsequent fund registration requirements and procedures
  • Registration and maintenance requirements
  • Local regulatory practices
  • Local regulatory reporting requirements
  • Local marketing document requirements
  • Local translation and publication requirements

Through the Regulatory Alert functionality, EY Regulatory Intelligence helps asset managers keep abreast of regulatory changes impacting the distribution of their fund products.

What is EY Regulatory Intelligence designed for?

  • Allowing you to outsource the regulatory watch of your target distribution markets
  • Helping to ensure that your registration team has access to continuously updated regulatory intelligence at any time
  • Providing asset managers and asset servicers with a practical “do-it-yourself” guide to cross border fund registration and maintenance
  • Keeping you well informed of any regulatory changes impacting the registration and marketing of foreign UCITS, AIFs and other CIS products in your distribution markets

What are the key benefits of EY Regulatory Intelligence?

  • A web-based Regulatory Intelligence matrix
  • Direct access to all Regulatory Intelligence contents, from anywhere, at any time
  • Up-to-date, reliable Regulatory Intelligence in a comprehensive format
  • Regulatory Newsflashes
  • Regulatory compliance risk mitigation


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