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Set up your treasury and financing operations in Luxembourg

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Many firms have opted for Luxembourg to set up their regional or worldwide Treasury and/or Financing operations.

Managing your banking costs by using Luxembourg bank’s cash pooling services

Cash pooling allows companies to combine their debit and credit positions from several accounts into a single one. Companies that have opted for that solution may obtain more efficient liquidity management, a reduction of banking costs and an enhanced visibility on the cash position of the group. Two types of cash pooling services are offered in Luxembourg and grant companies the possibility to tailor the solution to their needs.

Optimize your order-to-cash process by implementing a payment factory

In order to reduce these risks and costs and considering the law enacted by the European Parliament for the migration of Euro direct debits and credit transfers to SEPA standards, leading groups are seizing this opportunity to evaluate the possibility of implementing a payment factory, i.e. a central hub created in order to gain further control over the processing of previously decentralized payment flows.

Find out how EY can guide you through Luxembourg as a Treasury Center to support your operations with cash pooling and payment factory.