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EY cares about your family and your family business

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We are the world leader in advising, guiding and recognizing entrepreneurs; we will work with you to preserve your life’s work and develop it further for the next generation. Our services help you deal successfully with the challenges of today’s marketplace with its multilayered uncertainties and opportunities; and support you as you go forward into the future.

EY cares about your family and your family business. We know that the two strands can’t be separated — if your family isn’t happy with your personal financial situation, your business may suffer; if your business isn’t flourishing, your family may feel the pain.

That’s why we offer highly personalized advisory services for you and your family members, to enable you to plan for the future, and practical assistance and professional advice that will help enhance the way your business works.

Family business 

We are the most globally integrated organization with over 190,000 people active in almost every country. Whether you want to move into new growth markets in Asia or South America, are considering a joint venture in Eastern Europe, or are planning to launch a product in a nearby market, we have the right connections. Our internationally seamless service and support can smooth your path to new possibilities in both emerging and developed markets.

We are able to leverage our experience of working on complex cross-border issues, providing an integrated team that addresses your family business agenda. We are constantly updating our information and services in line with new legislation and business changes in every country. We understand local customs, laws, languages and cultures — our global professionals can guide you wherever you do business.

We offer each family business a bespoke service to suit their needs. We know that your business is not like any other; your personal issues are just that — personal. Your company is unique. It’s that uniqueness that makes you successful — and it’s something we will help you to preserve.

We will give you independent and practical advice to help you strengthen and grow your business. We have industry and subject-matter professionals in key business sectors who understand the specific issues you face every day, and can give you informed counsel and advice on how to leverage international leading practices.

We will be proactive on your behalf at all times — sharing with you new developments that may affect your business, aiming to suggest options before a problem even arises.

EY supports the world’s most entrepreneurial, innovation-oriented companies. We can help you manage the delicate balance between sustaining growth and innovation, while managing risk and maintaining personal wealth. We can help you to succeed for generations.