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EY Luxembourg – strong local anchoring

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In order to support the companies of our local economy in their race towards greater competitiveness, EY launched a recognition program dedicated to entrepreneurship in Luxembourg named Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) and created a new department fully dedicated to our local market at the same time, composed of professionals  of Luxembourg nationality. This team – led by Yves Even, Partner - is committed to thoroughly understanding our SME and Public Sector.  The EY services meeting the requirements of our local decision-makers are as follows:

  • Prepare the next generation to the succession of a company, focusing on 4 pillars: strategy, organization, client management and financial performance;
  • Evaluate the strategic positioning of SME in terms of their markets and competitors and ensure economic sustainability of companies despite disruptive trends (e.g. digitalisation, demographic change, ecologic efficiency);
  • Foster innovation management and key partnerships in order to succeed in conducting key projects of strategic transformation;
  • Adapt the governance and improve the organization and the operational efficiency of family-owned businesses;
  • Foster the continuous improvement of operational performance (procurement, production, sales, etc.) and secure information system management (for e.g.: ISO 27001), quality management(e.g. ISO 9001), environmental management (for e.g.: ISO 14001) and sustainable development;
  • Improve accounting and financial processes, including the certification of annual accounts;
  • Transform support functions (HR, IT, marketing, etc.) into genuine value added functions.