Helping your business grow, fast.

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Our commitment to helping sustain economies runs through everything we do. As you grow your business into a market leader, you’ll face many challenges and opportunities. Our Strategic Growth Market professionals can help at every step.

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs and the leaders of fast-growth businesses for more than three decades. We’re the world leader when it comes to guiding, advising and recognizing outstanding entrepreneurial talent.

How we help

We’ve developed the EY 7 drivers of growth to help you gain a broad focus in your business. We can also help you find innovative ways to accelerate and sustain growth that can give you a competitive advantage.

Our 7 drivers of growth strategies are fueled by insights from the world’s leading companies. They are the product of extensive research and address the current needs of companies striving for sustainable growth in a fast-paced, digital, customer-centric world.
Find out more about the EY 7 drivers of growth.

Who we help

We work with the full spectrum of high-growth companies. We can help, whether you are:

  • Backed by venture or private capital
  • Funded with private equity
  • Owned by a family
  • Heading for an IPO
  • Already public and growing fast
  • Just bursting with great ideas

How to find us

Our Strategic Growth Market professionals are based in EY locations around the world.

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 Approach and services
 Mid-market / Family Business
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 Initial Public Offering
 Venture Capital 


Get the most from your IPO

At each stage – whatever your sector, location or chosen market – we have the knowledge, experience and global reach to help you get the most from your IPO.

Supporting youth entrepreneurship across the G20

Our G20 report highlights recommendations and actionable guidance based on best practices adopted by governments.

EY Luxembourg Mid-market & Family Business

In order to encourage economic development in Luxembourg and support Luxembourgish companies trading in the national market and beyond, EY has established a team of Luxembourgish nationality, which is dedicated to the local market and involved in its various sectors.


G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer: the power of three

Together, governments, entrepreneurs and corporations can spur growth across the G20. Find out which countries are getting it right, and which have lessons to learn.