Assurance Services

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EY - Ong Chee Wai Head of Assurance Services
Ong Chee Wai

Contact  |  +603 7495 8000

EY - Ismed Darwis Group Leader | Energy (NRG)
Ismed Darwis

Contact  |  +603 7495 8000

EY - Hoh Yoon Hoong Group Leader | Diversified Industries, Technology and Communications (DTC)
Hoh Yoon Hoong

Contact  |  +603 7495 8000

EY - Terence SJ Tan Group Leader | Hospitality, Property and Infrastructure (HPI)
Terence SJ Tan

Contact  |  +603 7495 8000

EY - Chan Hooi Lam Group Leader | Financial Services (FS)
Chan Hooi Lam

Contact  |  +603 7495 8000


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