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EY FinTech Summit 2016

19 May, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

EY FinTech Summit 2016

19 May, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

EY FinTech Summit 2016

Impression of the EY FinTech Summit 2016

The EY FinTech Summit 2016 took place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam at the 19th of May. The following video and pictures provide an overview of the energy, activities and insights acquired during the day.

EY - Impression of the first EY FinTech Summit 2016

EY - Impression of the first EY FinTech Summit 2016

EY - Impression of the first EY FinTech Summit 2016

The EY FinTech Summit connects FinTech companies with decision makers in banking, insurance, pensions and asset management.

EY - FinTech: Westergasfabriek

This summit will provide your organization with the perfect opportunity to get insights into new innovative developments and help you gain valuable contacts. Both FinTech organizations and financial service firms will be able to learn from each other during the event and set the foundations to building a bright working future.


EY - FinTech: Interactive stage

The FinTech companies attending the FinTech Summit all have the opportunity to present their solution on a central and highly interactive stage.

Attendees are able to vote for the best solution and the winner will receive an innovative and valuable prize...


EY - FinTech: Meet & Greet

Networking, networking, networking, the FinTech Summit is a platform for financial service firms who wish to have an overview of what’s out there in the market, while FinTech companies get the opportunity to show potential clients in all markets their unique selling point.

Why visit this event

  • Explore and meet over 20 concrete FinTech solutions in one afternoon
  • Talk to innovators, disruptors and potential partners for your innovation journey
  • Get inspired by FinTech insights from different highly experienced guest speakers
  • Meet colleagues of other financial services organizations dealing with the same challenges
  • Enjoy all of the above in the Westergasfabriek, transformed into a vibrant and energetic environment

FinTech Summit program

Speakers & Moderators

15.00 – 17.00: Plenary session

17.00 – 19.00: Meet & Greet convention

  • FinTechs present their solutions in professional stands
  • Connecting with investor relations
  • Networking
  • Speeddates

Opportunities offered to FinTech companies

  • Pitch offerings in front of 250 representatives of the financial sector
  • Provide solution demo’s in a professional stand
  • Meet & Greet with decision makers
  • Connect with private equity and venture capitalist relations

David Brear

EY - David Brear

David has been consistently voted as one of the most influential people in FinTech and FinServ being amongst the most recognized by banks & his peers. David is the Chief Thinker at Think Different Group Ltd. He is a FinTech Strategist, Speaker, Scholar & Writer. He spends his time these days helping banks, insurers, regulators & governments be better.

David has a rare set of technological & personal skills curated from working in Financial Services from Digital Agency, Client, Systems Integrator, Analyst, Management Consultancy & Research.

Having transformed the digital landscape for a number of banks & insurers, David is now working as strategist & advisory to banks looking to take their Digital Transformation to the next level. Boiling it down, & in his own words, David is just “an eloquent nerd trying to make banks better”.


Imran Gulamhuseinwala

EY - Imran Gulamhuseinwala

Imran is a Partner in the Financial Services practice. He leads our dedicated FinTech practice and Corporate Finance Strategy practice across EMEIA. We serve private equity, corporate clients and FinTech start-ups on a wide range of strategic, operational, capital raising and deal-related issues.

Imran joined EY in 2014 having spent 16 years focused on the financial services sector. He brings a unique perspective on the sector having worked as both strategic advisor and investor in financial services.

Imran spent 8 years advising on strategic issues with Oliver Wyman and a further 8 years investing in the sector with Bridgepoint Capital and latterly with Resolution where he led the M&A team. Prior to starting at EY, Imran founded FinTech 50 startup, CommuterClub. Imran holds a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge University and is a CFA charter holder.


Humberto Tan

EY - Humberto Tan

Humberto Tan was on his way to a successful career as a lawyer. However, after the completion of his law degree he decided to go for a remarkable switch in career path. He joined AVRO, one of the Dutch public broadcasting channels. He began as a member of the editorial staff but was soon appointed as the presenter of Forza. Following a brief period at a law firm based in Amsterdam, he took the definitive decision to work in the media.

Moving on to Dutch public broadcasting channel, NOS, Tan started as the picture editor of Studio Sport and News. A little later, he switched roles and became one of the presenters of the Studio Sport show. He decided to join the ambitious private channel Tien, set-up by entertainment tycoon John de Mol. Unfortunately, this channel was shut down soon and Tan moved to RTL. There he presented the Dutch national football team matches and acted as a host on RTL Boulevard. Nowadays, Tan hosts his own late night show on RTL 4.


Marcel van Loo

EY - Marcel van Loo

Marcel van Loo is Country Managing Partner EY The Netherlands and Global Client Service Partner for ING, one of our largest audit clients globally.

Marcel started his career with Moret&Limperg in 1989 in The Hague. Subsequently he worked in Brussels, Amsterdam, Chicago and London where he worked as the Global Client Service Partner for The Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2010 – 2012 Marcel was the Banking & Capital Markets Leader for EY Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) and a member of the leadership team of EY Financial Services EMEIA.

Effective 1 July 2016, Marcel van Loo will become the Regional Managing Partner for the EY Financial Services Organisation in EMEIA.


Presenting FinTech companies

Virtual Affairs

EY - Virtual Affairs

Click here for our corporate website

Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company that specialises in transforming digital channels for banks and insurance providers. Our flagship products are InsuranceRight, BankingRight, and InvestmentRight. With over 19 years of experience in the world of digital transformation, we’ve been supporting our clients to better understand online behavioural patterns and create an engaging customer journey. When clients work with us, they benefit from a personalised customer experience, increased loyalty, higher conversion rates, and lower time to market. Virtual Affairs is a certified Sitecore Platinum Implementation and Silver Technology partner and a Microsoft Gold partner.

Virtual Affairs. Moving finance forward.




Click here for our corporate website

NGDATA enables enterprises to listen to customer interactions across web, mobile, internal systems and social channels, learn from customers’ behavior by continuously building intelligent Customer DNA, and create alerts that integrate with the company’s systems to execute personalized campaigns through highly targeted product offers and content. For businesses operating a subscription-based model, and for companies that seek to lengthen and deepen customer relationships, NGDATA helps organizations improve customer knowledge, and therefore satisfaction and acquisition rates, by enabling them to deliver targeted, timely offers to customers.



EY - iwoca

Click here for our corporate website

Iwoca is transforming small business lending by offering flexible credit facilities to the millions of SMEs that are underserved by banks. Its technology-driven risk platform draws on thousands of data points to make faster, fairer credit decisions, allowing iwoca to lend a small business up to £100,000 within hours. With 13,000 transactions since its launch in 2012, iwoca is one of the fastest growing business credit providers in Europe. iwoca operates across the UK, Germany, Spain and Poland. iwoca is a founding member of Innovate Finance, the world’s first industry body for FinTech.

EY - Christoph Rieche

Christoph Rieche is the co-founder and CEO of iwoca and is a leading figure within the fintech sector. Participating in initiatives such as the G20 SME Finance Working Group and other public sector roundtables, he has played a formative role in the evolution of technology driven financing and established iwoca as the leading fintech lender in Europe. Prior to founding iwoca in 2011 he was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs in Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities. Christoph graduated in Management from HEC Lausanne and the London School of Economics.



EY - PowertoPay

Click here for our corporate website

PowertoPay is a full service payment provider who delivers optimal service to both its partners and global customers during the efficient, transparent and accessible centralization and redesign of cashless payment processes. Our focus is to help corporates achieve an increase in simplifying and reducing payment processing costs and operations. PowertoPay developed the first state of the art “Payments as a Service” SaaS Corporate Payment Hub; a strong, proven and easy accessible solution to process all payments related information. The PowertoPay Corporate Payment Hub processes millions of international payment and statement files daily for over 300 recognized brands across a wide range of markets and industry verticals.


Douw & Koren

EY - Douw & Koren

Click here for our corporate website

Douw&Koren is a consultancy agency in the field of crowdfunding, offering services to a wide variety of clients including artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, financial institutions and governments. Together, we are building a new economy, powered by the crowd.

Douw&Koren executes (market) research, develops strategies and campaigns to support organizations in reaching their crowdfunding ambitions. Douw&Koren combines creativity with experience and expertise in the field of crowdfunding. Douw&Koren is frequently asked for workshops and keynotes. Founders Simon and Gijsbert are active participants in the global network of crowdfunding pioneers.



EY - BehavioSec

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BehavioSec provides a layer of security that lets your customers authenticate themselves through the unique ways they type, swipe and hold their devices. You can stop fraud, prevent account takeover, and keep user experiences safe, all without getting in your customers' way. Behavioral biometrics uses continuous machine learning and realtime feedback to create a risk score, allowing you to separate good users from bad actors by detecting anomalies in behavior.

Because our solution provides intelligence based on statistical variances in behavior, BehavioSec doesn't pose the same data breach risk as some services do. Even if an attacker gains access to the behavioral data, it won't be useful, which means you can add data security without creating a privacy risk.

We're making seamless and secure the new normal.



EY - eToro

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eToro is the first global market place for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and CFD stocks online in a simple, transparent and more enjoyable way. Today, eToro empowers over 4.5 million users in more than 170 countries worldwide to manage their funds through the innovative online investment platforms and active trading community, with thousands of new accounts created every day.


Five Degrees

EY - Five Degrees

Click here for our corporate website

The flagship product of Five Degrees is named Matrix. Gartner included Matrix in their latest market guide on ‘open unified digital banking platforms’ (March, 2016). According to Gartner, emerging digital banking platform technologies are key to the success of banks' business-critical digital initiatives. Open unified solutions make it possible to deliver new digital products and services, and create a multidimensional customer experience across all digital channels.

Matrix drives digital business transformation and agility by means of connecting customers, channels, products, services and the FinTech ecosystem resulting in highly automated and cost-efficient processes, a 360 degree customer view and the capability to deliver cutting-edge products and services through any channel of choice.



EY - i3

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In FinTech services, decisions must be made in milliseconds, thus automatically. Systems must answer complex questions in real-time with the highest precision. Is a transaction fraudulent? What is the risk in offering this insurance or loan? Is this customer likely to stop using our services in short term? Is this market development (news) relevant to this specific customer?

Real-time data and best-of-breed predictive models are essential for the success of any innovative financial offering. i3 specializes in data, information and analytics. i3 has a proven track record in the financial services industry and can make it happen!



EY - Kasko

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Kasko deals with the insurers and offer you three easy and flexible ways to start cross-selling insurance to your customers. Consumers want instant delivery of goods and services without long-term commitments. Digital and mobile businesses are at the forefront, constantly adapting to these market developments. Then again, consumers remain fundamentally risk averse and are searching for protection.

Kasko bridges the culture and technology gap between those digital businesses that understand consumer needs and insurance companies that are willing but due to legacy IT- and sales structures unable to provide convenient insurance products at the point-of-demand on their own.



EY - Earnix

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Earnix provides an integrated customer analytics software solution to leading financial services companies.

By combining predictive modeling and optimization with real-time connectivity to core operational systems, Earnix enables banks and insurance providers to predict the impact of customer risk and behavior on business performance.

Earnix Banking caters to the entire banking product creation process - from data and performance analysis, through pricing and targeting, and on to deployment and real-time operations through the bank’s distribution channels.

It allows the bank’s product manager to use the power of predictive analytics to furnish data-driven pricing and product strategies with a few clicks of a mouse.




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The key differentiator for MAPCITE is that it provides a simple user interface, designed for the non-technical user, yet enables the user to undertake analysis and visualizations that would be complex for a GI professional, using traditional GIS tools. This is an important differentiator to any existing or new player. The technology has to be able to handle vast quantities of data, perform exceedingly complex calculations and be as easy to use as Excel and Word.

In summary MAPCITE has succeeded because it has created a generalized solution, abstracted away from any one specific use case and has hidden that complexity from the user.




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Where banks stop financing SME’s in search of capital for growth, NPEX offers the solution. Through our platform SME’s can raise money to grow their business by issuing shares or bonds. These shares and bonds are offered to our 12.500 retail investors and they are also offered to all possible stakeholders in a broad marketing campaign. Through our platform stakeholders and private investors turn into ambassadors. In this way the SME is financed while keeping control. These shares and bonds are tradable on our platform NPEX.nl



EY - Ohpen

Click here for our corporate website

Ohpen is an ‘out-of-the-box’ SaaS platform that offers financial service providers a solution for the administration of retail mutual funds and savings accounts. Ophen has developed mutual funds and savings account platforms, offering this as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution. Ophen redesigned all processes and software from an operational excellence and customer intimacy perspective, providing the ability to focus on the core (banking) activities.



EY - Wayerz

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Wayerz provides an integrated platform that optimizes international wiring, correspondent inter-bank reporting, and reconciliation. The multi-solution platform focuses on improvement of productivity and automation of bank-to-bank systems, transactions and interfaces; increasing the real-time. Wayerz offers financial institutions an array of solutions to help manage correspondent banking. These solutions include wire routing optimization, client messaging services, wiring information and error querying, automated billing and reporting and cross-channel distribution of relevant data. Wayerz offers these solutions in a cost-effective, secure, and reliable way. The solutions are available via traditional on premise software licenses, or via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contracts.



EY - Lendstar

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Lendstar is a social financial platform managing all peer-to-peer money interactions among friends and family. Users can easily repay owed money to friends, collect money for a birthday present, split a restaurant bill or manage expenses in a shared flat or joint vacation. Offering a chat functionality and group activities, Lendstar goes beyond stiff financial transactions and puts those into their social context. By relying on the users’ existing bank accounts, making transactions with Lendstar is simple, fast, secure and for free. Lendstar offers a co-branded solution to banks, providing those with an innovative platform to reach a young target audience.

EY - Lendstar: Christopher Kampshoff



EY - Moven

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Moven is a group of technologists, strategists, designers, data scientists, and financial services specialists on a mission to bring banking to the digital and mobile age. We love the challenge of answering the new needs of the digitally enabled customer, creating a banking experience that connects to their lifestyle.

Moven offers a digital platform which provides banks the opportunity to drive customer acquisition, gain a deeper engagement with their customers and create new products to establish a net new presence in the marketplace.



EY - voldaan

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Financing based on single invoices. Highly automated process and extremely easy to use. Entrepreneurs regain control over their finance by selling invoices to raise cash. No bank debt. No revolving credits. No personal guarantees. No annual accounts. No bank manager. No minimum turn over. No cash flow forecasts. No more payment terms. No more overdue debtors. Just sell any (B2B) raised invoice when liquidity is needed. Against a fixed discount which is completely transparent and the same for all clients. Only pay when you sell. Simple. Transparent. Accessible.



EY - Xpenditure

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Xpenditure is an expense management solution that helps people saving time by managing the expenses. With customers in over 150 countries worldwide, Xpenditure has reinvented the entire expense management process by focusing on digitizing receipts and on eliminating the need for expense reports.

Xpenditure is based in Mechelen (outside Brussels) in Belgium, and has offices in Amsterdam, London, New York and Sao Paolo.

EY - Xpenditure: speaker



EY - Symetrics

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We believe that truly understanding financial risk, especially in our time, needs a different approach. We enhance risk awareness of risk professionals by integrating economic structure and human behaviour. We build SyMath, our next generation risk analytics application platform.

At the core of SyMath is a macro-economic scenario generator which enables the platform user to conduct a broad variety of market and credit risk analytics.

Our true innovation is our ability to model behaviour of actors/agents in the macro-economy like central banks, consumers e.g. using non-linear economic dynamics (aka chaos theory). This enables SyMath to simulate crisis, reduces the dependence on the extrapolation of historical data and adds realism and relevance to the model output.

EY - Symetrics: speaker



EY - Covercy

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Covercy is an innovative company in the foreign exchange and remittance industry that allows people to send money abroad more efficiently by reducing the bank exchange and remittance costs. Covercy provides a secure and fast way to send money abroad, with complete transparency from day one. The rate quoted is the rate you get, providing significant savings on every transaction. Covercy developed and keep on developing an online solution that is user friendly and enables people to save money on each transaction.



EY - Ezbob

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Ezbob takes a fresh approach to business finance. Ezbob assess your business performance by asking you to link your business data points to your secure ezbob account – instead of asking you for business plans, financial statements or letters from your accountant. We look at such data as your HMRC filings, your business banking information, your on-line shops if you are an e-commerce business, and your accounting details – and we do it all electronically, without any paperwork.



EY - Forter

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Forter is based on intelligent technology, years of experience and a keen understanding of merchants’ needs. Forters fraud prevention system is designed to be consumer-centric, blocking fraud with accuracy and at the same time enabling growth by increasing approvals and ensuring an excellent customer experience. It works instantly, matching the expectations of consumers in today’s real-time reality.



EY - ParetoPulse

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Pareto Pulse’s fully-automated, digitalized lending will allow your bank to make profitable small loans and anticipate the credit needs of your small business customers instantly – online or in person. Pareto Pulse will allow your bank to provide customers with a vastly improved lending experience. Customers can apply for loans whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them. Loan requests are automatically processed and handled, saving your staff time and energy and providing the instant answer customers demand.


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