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Library: Insights on IT Risk

Library Insights on IT Risk

Title Topic Date
Ready for the challenge - Integrated governance – the key to effective business continuity management This paper analyzes and addresses the root causes of a lack of governance integration between business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) programs and the effect of not having this integration. 20111101November 2012
2012 Global Information Security Survey - Fighting to close the gap Our 15th annual Global Information Security Survey (GISS), one of the longest running, most recognized and respected annual surveys of its kind, suggests that although organizations are taking steps to enhance their information security capabilities, few are keeping up with an ever-changing risk landscape. 20111101November 2012
Strategy deployment through portfolio management For many organizations, long-term success depends on the success of a number of individual, critical transformation programs. This paper presents an innovative risk-based portfolio management approach that helps enable organizations to manage the risk of transformation. 20111101September 2012
Protecting and strengthening your brand: Social media governance and strategy This paper discusses the rise of consumer media, understanding social media risk, holistic social media governance and brand protection. 20111101May 2012
Ready for takeoff: Preparing for your journey into the cloud This paper discusses the most important risk areas that need to be addressed while moving into the cloud. Additionally, a framework to conduct a cloud risk assessment is included in this paper. 20111101April 2012
Bringing IT into the fold: Lessons in enhancing industrial control system security This paper discusses the risks associated with a rapidly evolving operational technology (OT) environment that increasingly is becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks. 20110601January 2012
Privacy Trends 2012 As privacy management evolves, accountability is emerging as a fundamental component of handling personal information. This paper explores this new privacy trend. 20110601January 2012
Mobile Device Security This paper explores the risks related to today’s most popular mobile device platforms and technologies, along with methods by which an organization may assess and mitigate risks. 20110501 January 2012

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