The EY Foundation

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Who we are

The EY Foundation is run by the people of EY to benefit the community of which we are a part. It is an important part of our Corporate Responsibility.

Our philosophy is built around the notion of giving back – a philosophy that is at the heart of our Foundation.

Our objectives

The EY Foundation aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of the communities of which we are a part of
  • Build meaningful relationships with community, cultural, youth, educational and environmental groups within New Zealand
  • Integrate our people’s community interests and passion with their work

We concentrate our philanthropic efforts on a small number of charities to ensure that we have the greatest possible impact and make real differences to the people that they help. We are involved through volunteering, fundraising, workplace giving and applying professional services skills in a charitable organisation.

The New Zealand offices will be supporting the following Local Focus Charities:

Cure Kids
Cure Kids help children and their families through the cancer journey

Cure Kids was established over 30 years ago to address the lack of research into life-threatening childhood illnesses in New Zealand.  Since then, they have invested over $25 million in medical research.  This research has helped save hundreds of young lives and has improved the quality of life for thousands of children.  Today, they are more committed than ever to help find answers to the many cruel, life-threatening illnesses that devastate the lives of your children and their families.