EY Darden programme

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Amongst the specific benefits you can expect by attending this programme are the following:

  • understanding the global and New Zealand economic environment - trends, competition and strategic intent
  • understanding the way leaders of private and public organisations are managing their businesses
  • introducing techniques, knowledge and concepts leading to sustained improvements in performance
  • improving communication and decision-making skills at board and executive management level
  • building capabilities and confidence for the customer servicing and leadership challenges predicted in the next decade
  • sharing the ideas and experiences of a diverse group of participants

The programme comprises four key themes:


The program invites participants to ‘think, lead and influence strategically’. We will help you develop your Strategic Acumen ‘muscles’ by focusing on:

- Understanding strategy, purpose and execution
- Enhancing strategic capabilities to create and deliver superior value
- Aligning strategy and operational effectiveness
- Creating corporate coherence and advantage
- Managing the tension between short- and long-term results
- Positioning and branding for competitive advantage - self, organizational, country
- Making good strategic choices in an uncertain global economy


Throughout the program participants will be invited to reflect, practice and develop their leadership skills:

- Leading, learning and change
- Leading through engagement and choices
- Leading transformational change
- Managing personal and team energy
- Influencing and persuading
- Conducting conversations that inspire diversity of thought and inclusive dialogue
- Integrate the perspectives of manager and leader and turn vision into reality
- Asking powerful and sometimes difficult questions
- Owning your future

Global Acumen - economics and finance:

New Zealand and Australia's fortunes are closely linked to international markets. The program will explore:

- National and industry competitive advantage
- International competitiveness
- Using fiscal and monetary policy tools
- Developing strategies for economic sustainability
- New approaches to financing social issues such as housing affordability and community development

Entrepreneurship and innovation:

An entrepreneurial mindset is a vital ingredient for “creating, leading and transforming businesses”. It is not just about "small business" or even about starting a new business. Rather, it addresses the process of new wealth creation through the creation of high-growth potential ventures or new venture units in evolving or renewing industries.

- Develop an attitude, mindset, and skills that are crucial for becoming a creative leader
- Be ready to apply these skills and mind-set in the context of starting a new unit in an established organisation or starting a stand-alone new organisation
- Learn to leverage the commonly available resources we all possess to create something new
- Explore the attributes of an entrepreneurial firm
- Understand the attributes of a supportive eco-system for entrepreneurship

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for outstanding individuals who demonstrate a keen interest in self-development and who possess a a strong desire to assume positions of higher responsibility.

Participants should have:

  • attained, or be about to attain, a position as general manager or functional division head, involved with general management issues
  • demonstrated significant managerial achievement and potential for further development
  • endorsement from senior management within their organisation to attend the programme

EY reserves the right to approve applications after taking into consideration the above criteria and the need to balance participation from all sectors of the economy.