EY Darden programme

Previous seminars

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March: Strategic thinking about sustainability: the capabilities required for leadership

  • Keynote:  “Strategic Intent and Building a Sustainable Business Strategy” -  Captain David Morgan, Chief Flight Operations & Safety Officer of Air New Zealand
  • Panel on the Lake Taupo Protection Trust initiative - Michael Barton, Topia Rameka & Paula Southgate
  • Wisdom of experience managing sustainability programmes – Sue Foley, Westpac
  • The Nitrogen Trading Regime and other policy perspectives —Dr. Suzie Greenhalgh
  • Perspectives on sustainability - Darden faculty members. 


March: "Cutting through the clutter: why business must engage with policy people"
Darden Business School Faculty


March: "The US and global outlook: Games, Super Games and future threats"
Presenters: Professor Alan Beckenstein


March: "Creating our future"
Presenters: Dr Helen Anderson, John Barnett, Nick Miller, Victoria Spackman, Dr Andrew West and Sir Maarten Wevers.


March: "Redefining Global Strategies in a Lumpy World".
Presenters: Professors Alan Beckenstein, Venkat and Alec Horniman.

November  -  "New Zealand Inc - what role can the media play?"
Presenter: Fran O'Sullivan, columnist, editor and advisor

November -  "Are technology companies our economic salvation? "
Presenters: Dr Helen Anderson, former CEO of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology; Deputy Chair BRANZ


March: "Disruptive Change, Shocks and Paradigm Shifts"
Presenters: Professors Alan Beckenstein, Alec Horniman, Geoff Lewis and Sankaran Venkataraman (Venkat)

May: "Using social media to grow your business"
Presenters: University of Auckland - Catherine Frethey-Bentham and Dr Sarah Henderson


March: "Recovery, refocus and reform"
Presenters: Professors Alan Beckenstein and Alec Horniman, Dr David Cullwick and Bruno Cecchini

November: "The Google Case"
Presenter: John Hancock


March: “Governance and leadership in a volatile global economy.”
Presenters: Darden Faculty, with David Jackson, Director, Sir John Anderson, Chairman of TVNZ, David Cullwick, Director.

May: “Domestic and international developments and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand response.”
Presenters: Ian Woolford, Manager of Financial System Policy, and John Groom, Manager Domestic Markets, Reserve Bank of New Zealand.


March:  “Competing in a Networked World”. Presenter: Geoff Lewis.  “Language for Action” and “Moral/Ethical Dilemmas”.
Presenter: Alec Horniman.

October:  “The global financial crisis; return to economic fundamentals over short-term incentives.”
Presenter: Alan Beckenstein.


March: "Advanced Thinking in Management and Economics".
Presenters: Darden faculty.

May: “New Zealand as a Factory for Global Niche Micronationals.
Presenter: Mark Templeton, Chief Executive of Actronic Ltd .

May: “Leading Experts.” 
Presenter: Bernadette Doube.

October: “Is the US Locomotive the Big Engine that Can’t?”
Presenter: Alan Beckenstein.


March: “China’s economy, its impact on international competitiveness and its significance for New Zealand.”
Presenters: Alan Beckenstein, John McKinnon: Deputy Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frank Wilson: retired diplomat, Christoph Michalski: Fonterra and Tim Gibson: Chief Executive of NZTE.

May: “Management in Chinese Culture.” 
Presenter: Bernadette Doube.

July: “The implications for New Zealand business from the changing telecommunications-broadband industry landscape”.
Presenter:  Prashanta Mukherjee: Prashanta dot com.


March:  “Frontiers of Creativity and Innovation in New Zealand.”
Presenters:  Cheryll Sotheran: Head of Creative Strategy, NZ Trade and Enterprise, John Barnett:  CEO of  South Pacific Pictures, Jon Mayson: CEO, Port of Tauranga, Nigel Banks: formerly Head of Innovation at Zespri (kiwifruit)  and Wendell Dunn: Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, University of Auckland.

May:  based on the video “IDEO - The Deep Dive,” an ABC Nightline feature on harnessing human potential.

August:  “Power generation and conservations issues for the future.”
Presenter: Bruce Girdwood, Electricity Commission.


March: “Sustainability and the environment.”
Presenters: Alan Beckenstein, Alec Horniman, Elliott Weiss, Andy Pearce, CEO of Landcare Research.

May: "Creating Alternative Futures/Innovative Solutions." Based on the film "The Next Industrial Revolution".

August: “Questions That Matter - A Boardroom Survival Guide for Turbulent Times”. Learnings from a book on corporate governance by EY.
Presenter: Ben Palmer, EY.

September:  “Servant Leadership -- Do we have what it takes”.
Presenter: Bernadette Doube.