Judging criteria

EY Business Journalism Awards

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The general, over-arching criteria will be writing style, rigour of research, and enterprise and courage in reporting.

Specific criteria will include:

  • Ideas
    • Significance/public impact/social benefit of story
    • Newsworthiness
    • Timeliness
    • Originality and creativity (eg, unique angles)
    • Humour
    • Initiative
  • Reporting
    • Depth and breadth (eg, rigour and volume of research and investigative effort)
    • Context and background
    • Accuracy
    • Fairness and balance
    • Comprehensive and relevance of sources
    • Logic and analysis
    • Answers readers’ questions
    • Transparency of methodology
    • Exposure of a secret or wrongdoing?
    • Fact-gathering beyond the routine?
  • Writing
    • Language (precision, clarity, elegance)
    • Style/tone/mood appropriate to content
    • Credibility/authority
    • Compelling intro
    • Effective quotes and examples
    • Well-structured narrative
    • Reader interest
  • Overall impression
    • Excellent/good/indifferent

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Once completed, you’ll be requested to email this to us along with a copy of your story.

A separate form must be filled out for each entry.