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How will you progress through our organisation?

Whether you’re at school, an undergraduate or a post graduate, right here is where you get a head start. Fancy starting your career while everyone else is still studying? Want to jump to the front of the queue and find out what working here is like, before we start recruiting?

You'll get a sense of our culture and values - and start to see the career you'd like to shape. The relationships you make, and the impression you leave, can help you secure a permanent position after you graduate.

And the experience will last a lifetime

Want to avoid competing with thousands of other students in your final year and secure a graduate position early on? Become an intern and put yourself well ahead of your peers.

Our Programme provides client work, skills development, training and professional experiences. Not only do you learn about our organisation, you get to apply that knowledge to real client projects.

This is a popular path, with many interns being offered full-time positions with us when they've finished their studies. You'll be able to put into practice what you've been studying at university and head back to your studies confident that your career's already begun. So show us what you're capable of and you could be invited to join us after graduation.

Apply in the penultimate year of your degree.

International Intern Leadership Conference

If you’re a high performing vacationer, you may be selected to attend the International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC) in Florida, USA and join over 2,900 students from across the world.

You'll have the opportunity to qualify for our annual three-day intern leadership event, which is held in Disney World, Orlando, Florida. We bring together the best vacationers and interns from around the world and provide them with an opportunity to learn about our strategy and vision, meet EY's global leadership and network with peers.

During the conference, you'll develop a clear understanding of the scope and range of possibilities that EY can open up for you.

To be considered for the conference, you need to demonstrate the qualities we’re looking for in our future leaders and who we believe best live by our values and demonstrate a strong desire to achieve their goals.

The best way for you to get to know what IILC is really like is to hear from our past attendees. Click on the pictures or video to learn more.

EY - Zoya Imran


Melbourne, 2015 attendee

Read my story

EY - Jefferson Wong


Sydney, 2015 attendee

Read my story

EY - Sabrina Winwood Smith


Adelaide, 2014 attendee

Read my story

EY - Michael Bond


Perth, 2014 attendee

Read my story

EY - Sabrina Winwood SmithSabrina
Adelaide, 2014 attendee

I applied to EY's Vacationer Program as I’d heard from my university friends about the distinctly wonderful culture within the firm. I wanted experience within a reputable Big 4 firm, which provided opportunities not only domestically but also internationally.

From the first recruitment day I noticed a difference about EY, setting it apart from others I had been involved with. It was not just the culture or the values of EY that I liked, it was how engaging I found everyone I spoke with.

The highlight of the Vacationer Program would have to be the immediate hands on experience I received at client sites in such a short period of time. In addition to the industry exposure I enjoyed the social aspects of EY. I gained valuable insight from everyone in my teams but in particular the current graduates.

The highlight of my IILC experience was sharing the amazing adventure with the other Australian interns.

It was also awesome to hear CEO Mark Weinberger speak at one of the dinners. Having him express his passions and the direction that EY is taking; as well as how we as interns can contribute to Vision 2020 and building a better working world was very inspiring. Although EY is a large global organisation, we are one team and we can work effectively together as a whole.

EY - Michael BondMichael
Perth, 2014 attendee

The highlight of my vacationer experience was getting broad client exposure. I could understand what my degree was actually contributing towards. University is great to learn theory, so when I visited clients, I could apply what I knew.

After watching last year’s IILC YouTube video on repeat, I thought I’d like to go, so I submitted an application. I want to develop my understanding of EY from an international perspective, and extend my way of thinking beyond the Perth office.

When I got the phone call that I’d been selected to attend, it was an adrenaline pumping feeling of accomplishment and excitement, like when you land from your first skydiving experience. How many people can say they get to be a kid again at Disneyworld for a business trip with their future employer?

It was amazing to see 3,000 people share the same values but who all think so differently!

The workshops that were really were useful for me, were the Advisory workshop which helped me to think more creatively and outside the box for alternate solutions. The leadership workshop taught me skills on how to work with teams to produce effect solutions given set constraints.

EY - Zoya ImranZoya
Melbourne, 2015 attendee

Zoya, from Monash University, says she will value her experience at the EY International Intern Leadership Conference for the rest of her life.

What was it like hearing directly from EY’s Chairman and CEO, Mark Weinberger?
I never thought I would have the opportunity to chat with EY’s Global CEO and Chairman! I was blown away by Mark’s humility and charisma as a leader. He’s so down to earth. His speech showed his passion about EY’s vision and his concern for each and every individual at EY. He said we shouldn’t forget where we came from and who helped us get there. This is something I want to keep in mind for my own career path. I was amazed that Mark stayed and allowed interns to chat to him and take photos despite it being his birthday that day!

What was the highlight of IILC?
I’m very excited about all of the friends I have made from all corners of the world. It was invaluable for me to gain insight from EY people of completely different backgrounds, striving towards common goals. I was able to network with interns from 25 different countries as well as EY people and leaders from around the globe. I will cherish these networks long into the future.

What did you learn?
I learnt that you can be successful, no matter what your background or where you’ve come from. It’s up to you to create your own opportunities in life, although EY has the perfect support system for you to achieve all your goals.

I also learnt that EY people live out the organisation’s values. All of the global leaders had one thing in common: gratitude towards the positive culture at EY in shaping their successful careers. This really stood out to me.

EY - Jefferson WongJefferson
Sydney, 2015 attendee

What surprised you about the conference?
I was surprised at the level of engagement shown by senior leaders of EY from all around the world – being present and engaging in conversation with the Global Interns from Day One, which I thought was a really great opportunity for us.

What was it like hearing from EY’s senior executives?
It was amazing to listen to our senior EY leaders talk about their experience, the organisation, and in building a better working world. To be able to sit there and actively listen in their sessions was very inspiring and motivating – and better aligned me to the EY purpose.

What did you learn from them?
The importance of asking better questions and receiving better answers to better create high performing teams and push the organisation in the right direction. I learned that I am the ‘CEO of my own career’ and about the importance of doing what you love, balancing your work-life commitments and embracing change.

What were the highlights of IILC?
Meeting the global interns for the first time, talking to Recruitment Leaders from EMEIA and the US, Universal Studios, and sessions held by inspiring individuals, such as our global Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger. I also really enjoyed networking with interns from around the world. The entire conference was one giant networking bubble. I shared experiences with 90 interns from 24 different countries.


You'll need some basic skills to be successful in your Intern Programme, so you'll undertake induction. We'll equip you with the essentials and help you rapidly develop your capabilities through a series of exercises – including talks and team-building sessions. You'll then be ready for business, handling tasks similar to those we give to our first-year graduates.


As part of a team, you'll benefit from the knowledge and experience of established professionals. You'll also gain exposure to a variety of clients and industry sectors. This will give you an insight into the business and a good understanding of life at EY.

Meeting leadership

As well as client work, you'll have the opportunity to meet and perhaps shadow one of our partners. This will give you an idea of where your ambitions can take you. We're looking to recruit future leaders through our Intern Programme, so this is an opportunity to show us what you're made of.


You want your Intern Programme to be a valuable and challenging experience. So do we, which is why we appoint a counsellor to provide regular feedback and guidance. Your counsellor will be your main point of contact during your time with us and will be responsible for helping you develop professionally and personally.


You'll make plenty of contacts and connections during your Internship Programme. To help cement these relationships, we recommend you get involved in the many opportunities and events on offer. You might also choose to become an ambassador for EY upon your return to university.


You can apply to join the Intern Programme in the penultimate year of your degree.

You need to be a New Zealand or Australian citizen, a New Zealand or Australian permanent resident, or an international student who meets our criteria.

We recruit talented students from a range of degrees. (pdf, 40.9kb) 

Go to Job Search to review the opportunities on offer in your preferred location(s) and apply.

Apply if you’re graduating in 2018 or 2019.

City Application open dates Application close dates
Auckland Monday 22 February 2016 Friday 18 March 2016, midday
Wellington Monday 22 February 2016 Friday 18 March 2016, midday
Christchurch Monday 22 February 2016 Sunday 20 March 2016, midday


You're ambitious. You've studied hard and you want to put your knowledge and skills to the test. If you've recently graduated, or are about to, become a graduate and set yourself up for a world of opportunities.

With early responsibility and the support and training to grow, you'll build the confidence to pursue your goals. Exposed to a wide range of clients, you can expect to develop your networks, collaborate with specialists, learn from mentors and even study for postgraduate qualifications, including the Chartered Accountant qualification or an EY diploma in Tax. You'll begin to build your technical, leadership and communication skills, and be responsible for parts of projects right away, working in a business area of your choice. As a graduate with EY you'll be able to add value to your clients and shape your career as a professional.

At our graduate induction you'll meet other new graduates from your office. Your buddy and your counsellor will help you learn your way around the firm, set your goals and plan your development. You'll be well paid and have the chance to enjoy some excellent benefits. You might also find yourself working overseas. Discover more about our business here.


You can apply to join the Graduate Programme when you're in the final year of your degree or within 18 months from your graduation date at the time of application.

You need to be a New Zealand or Australian citizen, a New Zealand or Australian permanent resident, or an international student who meets our criteria.

We recruit talented students from a range of degrees. (pdf, 40.9kb)

When to apply

Apply early. The earlier we hear from you the earlier we can review your application and the sooner you'll know what we can offer you.

City Application open dates Application close dates
Auckland Monday 22 February 2016 Friday 18 March 2016, midday
Wellington Monday 22 February 2016 Friday 18 March 2016, midday
Christchurch Monday 22 February 2016 Sunday 20 March 2016, midday

Go to the Job Search page to review the opportunities on offer in your preferred location(s) and apply.


Are you looking for some advice on which direction to take your career? Then apply for our Career Compass Program and discover if a professional services firm is the right track for you to take.

You know that making smart decisions about your career is essential. Through the structured learning sessions and workshops included in this unique program you'll understand more about us and gain the skills that will help you grow from student to professional. You'll be equipped to make informed choices about electives and majors for the rest of your degree, regardless of whether you are undertaking an accounting degree or studying another field.

Introduced to the EY culture, you'll be invited to network with peers and experienced professionals and share your ideas and aspirations for the future. Demonstrate that you're a high achiever and you could be invited to interview for our Internship Programme.

Apply for our Career Compass Programme and explore your potential.

Programme Dates

City Programme Dates Location
Auckland 7 September 2016 EY Auckland
Wellington 9 September 2016 EY Wellington
Christchurch 14 September 2016 EY Christchurch

Information sessions

University Dates Time Location
University of Auckland 16 August 2016 5:30 – 6:30pm OGGB5
Victoria University 9 August 2016 4:10 – 5pm KKLT301, Kirk Building
Canterbury University 9 August 2016 12:15 –1pm Undercroft Seminar Room 101,
Puaka-James Hight Library   


You can apply if you are in the first or second year of your degree. You need to be a New Zealand or Australian citizen, an New Zealand or Australian permanent resident, or an international student who meets our criteria.

When to apply

City Applications open Applications close
Auckland 1 August 2016 21 August 2016, noon
Wellington 1 August 2016 21 August 2016, noon
Christchurch 1 August 2016 21 August 2016, noon

Go to the Job Search page to review the opportunities on offer in your preferred location(s) and apply.