Daily life in Private Client Services

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What would my day be like in Private Client Services?

Our Business Tax Advisory professionals help clients fulfill their business tax obligations and take into account the prospect of change. They work with organisations and individuals to structure transactions and operations in a tax-effective manner, to mitigate tax risk and to comply effectively with tax laws.

As part of the team, you might:

  • Meet with clients to gain insight into their business plans and follow up with helpful and relevant tax services
  • Identify tax-effective strategies and assist with their implementation
  • Research complex tax issues and prepare a memorandum explaining how these affect clients
  • Work with colleagues to advise clients on tax-effective cross-border structuring
  • Advise clients how to maximise their tax credits and other incentives
  • Assist clients with tax policy matters and/or respond to enquiries from local or international tax authorities
  • Support clients in benchmarking and improving their tax functions
  • Help connect "high net worth individuals" with advisory and compliance needs to other global services we offer

What industry sectors can I work within in Private Client Services?

Our Private Client Services professionals work across a range of industry sectors.

Our Corporate Tax Consulting professionals offer clients a range of compliance and advisory services - from helping them complete their tax returns to advising on the tax implications of major transactions or restructures.

Our Strategic Growth Markets team is responsible for auditing small- to medium-sized clients - typically fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies. Many of our Strategic Growth Markets clients are looking to list on the Australian Stock Exchange, or have recently gone public.

Our Financial Services team is primarily responsible for reviewing and preparing tax returns for banks, trust funds, insurance and superannuation.

What would my day be like in Business Tax Compliance?

Our Business Tax Compliance professionals help organisations meet their global tax compliance and statutory accounting requirements.
As a member of the team, you might:

  • Work with colleagues from other countries to create a proposal for a global organisation offering cross-border compliance and reporting services
  • Prepare corporate income tax returns for organisations in diverse and specialised industries
  • Identify tax savings and risk-reducing opportunities for clients to consider
  • Analyse the tax return and reporting impacts of corporate restructuring and planning strategies
  • Create processes that minimize a client's tax compliance risk, including anti-avoidance provisions
  • Prepare estimated tax liabilities to assist a client in meeting their tax payment obligations

"This is a great place to lay the groundwork for a career in tax. Graduates are given the opportunity to be an integral part of client teams from the start." Hilja Kerr, Senior Manager

What would my day be like in Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory?

Our Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory professionals help organisations meet demands for greater transparency and tax department effectiveness. They advise on accounting for income taxes, tax function performance and tax risk.

As a member of the team, you might:

  • Ensure a client's tax reporting is accurate for external financial reporting purposes
  • Prepare the tax provision for financial reporting purposes for non-audit clients
  • Play a role in reviewing and testing a client's tax reporting systems and suggesting improvements
  • Contribute to the design of effective tax risk management protocols
  • Prepare or review a client's tax accounting calculations and associated disclosures
  • Support clients in benchmarking and improving their tax functions

Whats kills and knowledge would I acquire in Business Tax in my first few years?

You'll acquire knowledge of:

  • Tax-efficient structures for national and global clients
  • Tax compliance processes and systems
  • Tax accounting frameworks, both locally and internationally
  • Business and market profiles in your chosen industry
  • Tax policy and tax controversy services for clients
  • Personal tax advisory and compliance services
  • Complex data analysis for accounting methods and incentive calculations

You'll also acquire general skills in:

  • Research and analysis techniques using dedicated tools and technology
  • Creative thinking to apply your knowledge to individual client situations
  • Communication and teaming with colleagues from other disciplines and offices
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with key client personnel
  • Managing a project from start to finish, following appropriate protocols and procedures

What opportunities would Business Tax open up?

You could:

  • Use your technical knowledge to lead an engagement team in providing best-in-class tax advisory services for your client
  • Take responsibility for leading a client account and coordinate teams to bring the right tax services to your client
  • Focus your knowledge and skills on a particular industry or aspect of tax and develop your reputation in that field
  • Take a secondment within our global practice to expand your global tax and industry knowledge