Mining & Metals

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Mining and metals advisory services

We work with clients to improve the performance by examining every aspect from supply chain management, business processes and IT risks, to future directions and opportunities for growth.

Risk services
We are acknowledged as the leading professional services firm to assist with the identification of strategic risks in the mining and metals sector. Most mining and metals companies require our assessment, improvement and monitoring of risks to include operational risks. Our sector risk specialists are equipped to review such operational risks as mine closure planning, grade control process, ore reserve estimation process and mine security.

Performance improvement

  • Supply chain and operations: To improve cash flow and profitability, our professionals provide insight into supply chain improvements by addressing critical areas and focusing on running end-to-end supply chains and operations effectively and efficiently.
  • People: Our team draws upon their knowledge of market-leading human resources practices to help clients with employee management, retention, succession planning and organizational design.
  • Finance: To direct the business in the most cost-effective manner, our professionals identify and actively monitor the key drivers of business performance by assessing and improving the overall financial and management reporting.

IT and risk advisory
Our global team specializes in examining applications and the supporting infrastructure to assess whether access controls, change management procedures and IT operations and security are designed and operating in an effective manner to mitigate the risk of fraud.

Program management

An organization’s ability to recognize, prepare for and manage risks will impact its performance and progress. We help mining and metals companies understand their business risks and develop plans to manage or capitalize on them.

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IFRS updates

Our series aims to examine the unique issues faced by mining and metals companies applying IFRS.

Global Mining & Metals

Miners on the exchanges

A closer look at the mining companies listed on global exchanges provides an overview of the top companies by capitalization, including financial health and future prospects. Papers available include: