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Into the cloud, out of the fog In an increasingly virtual world, our 2011 Global Information Security Survey examines business risks associated with technologies like social media, mobile computing and the cloud. 201111011 November 2011
Turn risks and opportunities into results Regulation and compliance risks remain the most serious concern for global firms while improving strategic execution across business functions presents the most opportunity. Learn more from our latest research on the top risks and opportunities in business today. 201106011 June 2011
What could debt restructuring imply for the Eurozone? The Eurozone debt crisis has reached a significant new stage but the measures put in place entail risks. Learn more in our Eurozone Forecast Summer 2011. 201106011 June 2011
2011 European attractiveness survey Perhaps surprisingly, Europe ranks second only to China as the world’s most attractive investment region. How can it maintain its competitiveness as a region in the global economy in 2011? And which growth drivers – cleantech, digital innovation, or other ideas – will be the keys to its future? 201105011 May 2011
Information security in a borderless world What are the information security measures companies should take in today's hyper-connected, borderless world? Find the answers in our report. 201104011 April 2011
What insurers need to do about the medical loss ratio (MLR) The introduction of the MLR reporting and rebate provisions in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) drives the need for health plans to develop new management disciplines to help minimize the effects of MLR on profitability. Find out what steps Insurers need to take now to understand their Medical loss ratio (MLR) rebate exposure. 201104011 April 2011
Competing for growth: how business is growing beyond boundaries From entering new markets, developing new products and services and cultivating and retaining talent, our global survey of more than 1,400 companies reveals what successful businesses are getting right in the new economy. 201104011 April 2011
Straight talk about IT performance Evidence of innovative IT solutions is everywhere. But you might be asking yourself, why can't my IT team do that? You're not alone. Our survey on IT performance explores the gap between what the C-suite expects and what IT delivers. We offer ideas for how to bridge the distance. 201104011 April 2011
Building value through control efficiency The roads to increased efficiency, better returns, heightened transparency and more confident stakeholders can all intersect at control environment improvement. Learn more. 201104011 April 2011
Answers to your questions, at a glance 5: insights for executives series asks five questions to get to the core of an issue – and answers them at a glance. Explore our thinking on internal controls, ICD-10 and driver-based decision making. 201103011 March 2011
Top 11 trends in data privacy for 2011 What keeps data security professionals up at night? Read the 11 trends we found in the high stakes game of privacy protection. Learn more about keeping information secure. 201102011 February 2011
Countering cyber attacks Businesses need to instill a new mind-set and approach toward the organization's information security strategy which involves several layers of defense. Are you keeping your intellectual property safe enough. 201008011 August 2010
New information technology is both friend and foe In a world of anytime, anywhere access to information, traditional security efforts are not enough. Our survey explores the risks and obligations you face to keep information secure. 201009011 September 2010
Convey the health of your internal controls instantly How can a company’s Internal Audit function go deeper to help gauge the organization’s overall health? Get the answer in our series, 5 insights for executives. 201103011 March 2011
Five things you ought to know about ICD-10 ICD-10 will multiply and alter the codes US providers and payers use for coding medical information. The number of available codes will expand from 24,000 to 155,000. Are you ready for ICD-10? 201103011 March 2011
Improve your odds with driver-based decision-making Without concrete information, leaders sometimes rely on intuition to make decisions. A driver-based approach gives leaders the insights they need for more strategic decision-making. 201103011 March 2011
Throwing money at your risk problems Companies are haphazardly spending big on governance, risk and compliance programs but seeing little return. What does a cohesive risk strategy look like? Find the answer in our report. 201009011 September 2010
Have internal audit functions lost their way? Now that compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley is routine, many companies are considering how best to deploy the skills of the internal audit team. 201101011 January 2011
Internal audit case study: Is cosourcing the right move? Four leaders of XYZ Group consider cosourcing as part of their Internal Audit strategy. Get their perspectives on whether cosourcing is the right move for XYZ. 201010011 October 2010
Does your Internal Audit function have a seat at the table? To be the strategic advisor executives want, Internal Audit has to have a seat at the table. Read our report to learn why Internal Audit should be involved in all strategic decision-making. 201008011 August 2010
Top five highly charged risk areas Read about the top five climate change risks Internal Audit should know. 201101011 January 2011

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