The EY New Zealand Productivity Pulse™

Public sector opportunity

Closing the $280 million public sector productivity gap

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  • Under a quarter of public sector workers are operating at or above their lifetime best.
  • 48% of public sector are in the upper productivity quartile, versues 61% of private sector workers.
  • 17% of public sector workers think they are less productive than private sector workers and only 22% think they are more productive than private sector workers.
  • 8% fewer public sector workers are satisfied with their manager than those in the private sector.
  • Statements public sector workers are significantly more likely to agree with than their private sector peers:
  • “Poor planning by management has negatively impacted productivity recently.”
  • “Efficiency is compromised due to unnecessary bureaucracy.”
  • “Additional, new or improved technology would make me more productive in my role.”

 Statements private sector workers are significantly more likely to agree with than their public sector peers:

  • “The work I do is valued by my employer”
  • “I have confidence in my organisation’s leadership”
  • “My organisation rewards me for being more productive in my role”
  • “We have the best people to get the job done”
  • “My organisation is willing to take risks and try new things”

Of key concern is these are the factors known to drive up productivity the most.
In both sectors, leaders of organisations need to review their organisational model, design and operation to improve on these factors. Continued cost-cutting and redundancies are not the answer.