The EY New Zealand Productivity Pulse™

How can we improve organisational productivity?

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Productivity Pulse: key findings


Productivity Pulse: the wellbeing dividend


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While productivity in New Zealand is influenced by a number of intersecting macro factors such as legislative and economic frameworks, organisations have a key role to play to enhance the productivity of their workers.

We need to put communication, measurement, and flexibility at the heart of our efforts to improve productivity. When we do this, job satisfaction also improves – the biggest factor in terms of what New Zealanders are looking for in a job.  Money is certainly not the biggest motivator – far from it.

Highly productive workers were more likely to agree with the following statements (listed in order of importance), while non-productive workers were more likely to disagree with them.  These statements therefore indicate areas management can address to improve productivity.

  • My immediate team at work that I associate with is a high performing team
  • My skills are strongly utilised by my employer
  • I am given the opportunity to suggest new ideas to improve my organisation
  • I am motivated to do my job to the best of my ability
  • I am supported by my manager to effectively undertake my role
  • My skills align with the requirements of my role
  • The work I do is valued by my employer
  • I have confidence in my organisation’s leadership
  • There is a culture of continuous improvement in my organisation
  • I am proud to work for my employer
  • There is a clear direction for my career within the organisation
  • I am clear on what is expected of me in my role

View from the workforce

While workers had a strong view of what organisations should be doing to increase productivity, the extent to which organisations were currently delivering on these strategies was seen as lacking.