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Distribution of time wasted during a typical work day


Time spent on key activities on a typical working day

Distribution of time wasted during a typical work day

On average, New Zealand workers spent 13% (1 hour, 9 minutes) of their day on activities that waste their time and effort.   This is very similar to edition 1 of the Pulse.

The Pulse shows:

  • Time wasted waiting for other people is a consistent problem across all industries. It particularly affects Super Achievers who say 37% of their total wasted time is spent waiting on others
  • Solid contributors put 25% of their wasted time down to doing things manually that could be automated, and 32% of time taking care of personal matters
  • Of the total time wasted by Patchy Participants, 38% is used taking care of personal matters, 35% is wasted in meetings, and 24% is wasted on social media


  • Workers in manufacturing, and retail and wholesale trade were least wasteful overall
  • Those in finance and insurance were most wasteful with time spent sending/ replying to emails and technology waiting time.

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