Let’s talk: sustainability

The latest in EY sustainability insights and points of view

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In “Let’s talk: sustainability” we bring together the latest in EY sustainability insights and points of view, which shape the business and personal agendas of sustainability managers, directors and executives.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 7

In this edition we talk Sustainable Development Goals, the rise on big data and implications on privacy, the investment growth of green and social bonds, and adapting to an uncertain climate.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 6

In this edition we talk COP21, managing human rights in the supply chain, digital sustainability reporting, and how companies are using “purpose” to create value.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 5

In this edition, we explore responsible and resilient supply chains, designing businesses’ emissions intensity metrics, investment rules and identifying material sustainability risks.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 4

In this edition, we seek to distinguish ‘fact from fiction’ regarding stranded assets. We also discuss recent additions to reporting requirements and sustainability disclosures and the value of sustainability materiality assessments to internal strategy and risk mitigation.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 3

In this issue, we discuss green bonds, sustainability risks moving up on the corporate agenda, how WH&S data can be maximised, and growing community support for wind farms.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 2

In this edition we put a spotlight on China’s developing ETS policy, the role of social media in assessing materiality and setting strategy, and the role of integrated reporting in ‘value creation’.

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 1

In this edition we talk the latest corporate governance principles and recommendations, tomorrow’s investment rules, human rights and professional wrongs and managing risk in the age of sustainability and social media.