Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Why enter?

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In becoming part of the Entrepreneurial Winning Women programme, participants will join an elite network of the country’s best entrepreneurial, high-growth companies and participate in a customised programme that will:

  • Expand your knowledge with the latest information, research and executive dialogues on business strategies and practices tailored to high-growth companies.
  • Identify potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers as well as prospective sources of private capital among selected venture capital and private equity firms.
  • Access informal, one-to-one guidance and support.
  • Strengthen your executive leadership, business skills and identify opportunities to grow and upscale your company through meetings with senior advisors and seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Increase national and regional visibility for you and your company among corporate executives, investors and the media.


Find out how the Entrepreneurial Winning Women are applying five key lessons to their businesses.