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Welcome to July Tax Watch

Is a tax change the thing that may finally slow down the kiwi exodus across the ditch?   Leading this month we look at the significant changes to living away from home allowances (LAFHA) tax treatment affecting people moving to Australia for work. From 1 October this year, New Zealanders and other non-Australians will no longer qualify for concessional tax treatment on their LAFHA unless they are maintaining a home in Australia which they are living away from. If you have a business with people based in Australia, it’s time to urgently review how to cover these new tax costs in your staff employment contracts.

Also in Tax Watch this month, we look at some key clarifications in an OECD discussion paper document on transfer pricing of intangibles; what’s in the new New Zealand/ Canada double tax agreement; and some good and bad news on the current Customs focus on importers who are required to uplift the value of imported goods.

Tax Watch in brief this month covers various developments in legislative policy affecting all of us.  There will be something of interest here for all our readers.

If you require any additional information on any of the featured articles in this newsletter, please contact your usual EY adviser or one of our tax team.


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