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Tax Watch is our regular email newsletter full of practical tax information.

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Tax Watch: Edition 4, June 2016

  • The new Customs & Excise Act
  • Wide ranging reforms in latest Tax Bill
  • Vulnerable Trusts
  • Inland Revenue reinterprets tax rules applying to donee organisations
  • Tax cuts: personal or corporate?
  • Tax Watch in brief

Tax Watch: Edition 3, May 2016

  • New Zealand makes it easier for overseas suppliers to comply with the online services tax
  • Changes recommended to proposed Residential Land Withholding Tax
  • Changes recommended to upcoming employee share scheme PAYE option
  • Transfer pricing in the public eye
  • Inland Revenue unveils new policy on amending taxpayer assessments
  • Tax Watch in brief

Tax Watch: Edition 2, March 2016

  • Year-end tax planning
  • Information is power
  • Inland Revenue flexes its information gathering powers
  • Know where your clients are tax resident?  You’ll soon need to.
  • New Australian GST rules for non-residents
  • Research and development (R&D) tax benefits & body corporate GST rules become law
  • Tax Watch in brief

Tax Watch: Edition 1, January 2016

  • Tax Watch: Edition 1, January 2016
  • GST in the digital world: a year of challenge, change and opportunities
  • Privately owned business overview for 2015/2016
  • Corporate and commercial legal developments for 2016
  • International tax proposals to impact on debt and related-party lending
  • Turning up the heat on transfer pricing
  • Tax controversy outlook for 2016
  • Tax policy outlook for 2016
  • Tax Watch in brief
  • 2015

    Tax Watch: Edition 10, November 2015

    • Tax Watch Edition 10, November 2015
    • Proposed changes to Inland Revenue’s powers
    • Proposed reforms to PAYE and GST administration
    • Inland Revenue’s 2015 Annual Report
    • Landmark transfer pricing win for ATO in tax dispute with Chevron
    • Employee Share Purchase Schemes and Tax Avoidance
    • GST to apply on cross-border supply of services to New Zealand
    • Further property tax measures to address rising house price
    • Tax Watch in brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 9, October 2015

    • Tax Watch Edition 9, October 2015
    • New GST Issues Paper
    • Changes on the horizon for loss grouping and imputation credits
    • Lee v Torrey: High Court Decision Warns of the Perils of Incompetent Trustees
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch Special, October 2015

    • OECD releases final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project reports

    Tax Watch: Edition 8, September 2015

    • Tax Watch Edition 8, September 2015
    •  Bright line test for residential land to become law
    •  Government to introduce withholding tax on selected residential property sales from 1 July 2016
    •  Want an IRD number?  Open a New Zealand bank account first
    • Government to amend look through company tax rules
    • Related party tax remission not tax avoidance
    • Cashing in on Research & Development  Tax benefits
    • Charter Holdings unable to carry forward losses
    • Transfer pricing - Advance Pricing Agreement process refreshed
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 7, August 2015

    • Fringe benefit tax on car parks
    • Should NZ bother with a Trusted Trader scheme?
    • Australia’s digital currency developments
    • Limited risk distributors with potential permanent establishments
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 6, July 2015

    • Commissioner wins $17.7 million Trustpower appeal
    • Taxing property sold within two years
    • PAYE to apply to employee share schemes
    • Tax avoidance and the use of discretionary trusts
    • Tax transparency for multinationals gets closer
    • Government takes tougher stance against migrant worker exploitation
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 5, June 2015

    • Tax on related party debt to increase
    • New property tax measures to address rising house prices
    • New Zealand’s transfer pricing focus for 2015/16
    • OECD BEPS initiative prompts new international questionnaire
    • Inland Revenue ramping up GST audit activity
    • OECD proposes change to international tax rules
    • STOP PRESS - EU VAT refunds for non-EU businesses
    • Companies Amendment Act 2014 – updates required by all New Zealand companies
    • Tax Watch in brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 4, April 2015 

    • Australian tax discussion paper impacts New Zealand business
    • Making tax simpler
    • Taxing online shopping
    • Australia simplifies transfer pricing record keeping regime
    • Trends in Trans-Tasman Executive Remuneration
    • New rules for employee share schemes
    • Further employment changes on the cards
    • Tax Watch in brief

    Tax Watch: Edition 3, March 2015 

    • Related Parties Debt Remission
    • Cashing out your R&D tax losses
    • Latest tax bill answers body corporate GST issue – or does it?
    • Government releases tax policy work programme
    • Fringe Benefit Tax - Common pitfalls and areas of uncertainty
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch: Special Edition, March 2015

    • Revenue collection
    • Disputes process
    • Technology and digital goods
    • Sanctions and penalties
    • Information sharing
    • Offsite storage areas for alcohol

    Tax Watch Edition 1, February 2015

    • Year End Tax Planning
    • Taxpayers’ ability to re-open assessment
    • Expect more scrutiny from tax authorities on transfer pricing
    • OECD’s BEPS initiative is progressing on the transfer pricing front
    • BEPS Proposals promote tougher limitations on interest deductions
    • Tax Watch in Brief
  • 2014

    Tax Watch Edition 9, December 2014

    • New Zealand plans to act on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
    • Inland Revenue’s Compliance Focus
    • Cross-border assignments – are you maximising value?
    • Registration with Customs as an importer – avoiding the pitfalls
    • Court of Appeal brings equal pay to the fore
    • Inland Revenue’s performance
    • Tax never rests!
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch Edition 8, November 2014

    • Executive Packages in the Spotlight
    • Employment law changes to apply from early 2015
    • Reminder – are you including incentive pay in your holiday calculations?
    • Customs disputes – urgent change needed
    • Inland Revenue turns up the heat in transfer pricing of financial arrangements
    • Inland Revenue’s performance published in Annual Report
    • STOP PRESS - Tax Controversy, Human Capital and Immigration Alert
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch Edition 7, October 2014

    • BEPS Project sets direction for international tax reform
    • Action 1: The Digital Economy and VAT/GST
    • Action 2: Neutralising the Effects of Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements
    • Action 5: Countering Harmful Tax Practices
    • Action 6: Preventing Treaty Abuse
    • Actions 13 and 8: Transfer Pricing – Documentation, Reporting and Intangibles
    • Action 15: Multilateral Instrument for Tax Treaties
    • Effective Tax Rates under review from ASIC
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch Edition 6, September 2014

    • Top remuneration trends from EY’s expanded Human Capital team
    • Tax residence in court: Inland Revenue loses out
    • Access rights to tunnel not taxable
    • Lease assignments and GST
    • Companies Amendment Act 2014 – what’s new?
    • STOP PRESS – reminder about new financial reporting rules
    • Inland Revenue re-examines excessive remuneration
    • Inland Revenue examines intercompany debt arrangements
    • Crypto-currency – a growing market
    • Tax Watch in Brief

    Tax Watch Edition 5, August 2014

    • How Labour plans to change personal taxes.
    • Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) is the defining tax issue for Election 2014.
    • Research and development back on the table
    • No gold at the end of the rainbow: National and Labour want to clamp-down on tax avoidance
    • The Greens intend to replace the Emissions Trading Scheme with a carbon tax
    • Labour promotes a high-skilled high-wage economy
    • Do you have problems with the separate accounting for GST by Customs and Inland Revenue?
    • New Zealand simplifies Employee Share Schemes
    • Global transfer pricing reform sparks more local activity
    • Inland Revenue changes payment acceptance rules
    • Tax Watch in Brief rounds out recent developments

    Tax Watch Edition 4, July 2014

    • Following Pike River, health and safety matters more than ever. All company officers face a step change in health and safety duties.
    • Inland Revenue’s increasingly hard line is putting corporate debt fix ups under the avoidance gun. Is it losing the plot?
    • It’s sprung a leak on GST as well. The proposed exemption for bodies corporate just doesn’t stack up.
    • And don’t underestimate customs audits. An Airline v Chief Executive of the New Zealand Customs Service provides a cautionary tale.
    • EY’s 2014 Global Tax Risk and Controversy Survey shows that New Zealand companies are experiencing tax risk on a scale seen never before
    • Inland Revenue’s looking to a digital, mobile future. It’s changing from top to bottom. “Everything is on the table”, says Minister of Revenue Todd McClay.
    • Last post for the Rewrite Advisory Panel
    • Market support payment remains under Inland Revenue scrutiny
    • The administrative concession for low value loans now extends to $10 million
    • OCED work leads to more compliance pain for financial institutions
    • Inland Revenue revises its position on GST for hire firm security deposits
    • Tax Watch in Brief rounds out recent developments

    Tax Watch Edition 3, June 2014

    • The long awaited clarification to the tax treatment of employee allowances
    • What FATCA means for New Zealand financial institutions
    • The changing tax treatment of lease inducements and lease surrender payments
    • Relief at last for “black hole” non-deductible expenditure
    • Tighter restrictions on interest deductibility on offshore debt (the “thin capitalisation” rules)
    • The tax charities have to pay on deregistration
    • A tax fix for community housing providers

    Tax Watch Edition 2, May 2014

    • Tax exposure of New Zealanders living overseas may increase
    • Land-related lease payments - further changes
    • OECD announces some relief to country-by-country reporting
    • Christchurch – are your roll-over relief concessions being correctly applied?
    • We canvass the tax risk landscape  and invite you to health-check your practices
    • Tax Watch in brief -  IRD’s latest releases, and round up of various developments in tax

    Tax Watch Edition 1, March 2014

    • Accommodation benefits are about to undergo a reshuffle, we outline what the change will mean for you
    • In transfer pricing developments, we bring your attention to the ATO’s draft tax determination on market support payments
    • We summarise five global trends occurring in indirect tax and their implications for New Zealand
    • Taxpayers should not be lulled into thinking we have plateaued in New Zealand on sin taxes, we cover recently developments


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