EY - Tax Watch: Edition 5, 2014

Edition 5, August 2014

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Tax Watch: Election special

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Tax policy is in the news. This special election issue of Tax Watch sets out what you need to know.

Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) could be one of the defining issues for Election 2014. Labour and the Green Party support CGT while National holds firm against it.

We’ve summarised what we know about all the tax policies released by National, Labour and the Greens as at 15 August 2014. If a policy is not yet released, if we find it unclear or if statements conflict, we’ve kept silent.

You’ll see more references to Labour than to National or the Greens. That reflects the tax stories in the news lately: we make no judgements on individual parties.

This edition covers:

The tax world doesn’t stop for elections. We also cover:

Look out for our in depth series on CGT, coming soon.

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