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Title Topic Date
Tax Watch Edition 4 June 2016 Overdue update of Customs & Excise Act in progress 201606June 2016
Tax Watch: Edition 3, May 2016 Provisional tax changes widely welcomed 201605May 2016
Tax Watch: Edition 2, March 2016 Year-end tax tips in a changing world 201603March 2016
Tax Watch: Edition 1, January 2016 What can you expect in 2016? View our January edition of Tax Watch for the latest news. 201601January 2016
Tax Watch Edition 10, November 2015 Inland Revenue seeks updated powers. View EY’s November edition of Tax Watch for the latest news. 201511November 2015
Tax Watch Edition 9, October 2015 Inland Revenue releases wide-ranging GST issues paper 201510October 2015
Tax Watch Special, October 2015 OECD on international tax reform – highlights 201510October 2015
Imputation and the New Zealand dividend psyche EY research reveals the significant impact of tax on corporate dividend policy 201508September 2015
Tax Watch Edition 8 September 2015 Government’s property package to apply from 1 October 2015 201508September 2015
Tax Watch Edition 7, August 2015 View the latest edition of Tax Watch for our round-up on recent developments 201508August 2015
Tax Watch Special, August 2015 OECD releases final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project reports - GST to apply to cross-border supplies of services 201508August 2015
Tax Watch Edition 6, July 2015 Trustpower case creates 'black hole’ expenditure

July’s Tax Watch highlights Inland Revenue’s win against Trustpower in its dispute on feasibility costs. The judgment has worrying implications for a wide range of companies.
201506 July 2015
Tax Watch Edition 5, June 2015 Storm clouds gather as Inland Revenue focuses on tax enforcement, our June edition of Tax Watch reveals.

June’s Tax Watch highlights Inland Revenue’s growing focus on enforcement. Inland Revenue’s planning to enact tougher tax laws over related party cross-border finance and property speculation.
201502 June 2015
Tax Watch: Edition 4, April 2015 April’s Tax Watch will be of special interest if you’ve got trans-Tasman operations. Both sides of the Tasman look to be in for major long-term changes to our tax systems. The integration across our capital and labour markets means that developments in one country will have an impact in the other. 201502 April 2015
Tax Watch: Edition 3, March 2015 New tax law is on the horizon. Inland Revenue is seeking feedback on the tax treatment of debt remission between related parties. The Government’s released a new tax bill – the Taxation (Annual Rates for 2015-16, Research and Development, and Remedial Matters) Bill. We explain the two big changes as well as looking at all the latest in Tax news. 201502 March 2015
Tax Watch: Special Edition, March 2015 A major overhaul of Customs legislation proposes radical changes to the Customs & Excise Act 1996. What does this mean for New Zealand business? 201502 March 2015
Tax Watch: Edition 1, February 2015 With 31 March 2015 just around the corner, it’s time to update your tax affairs. February’s Tax Watch talks about what’s changed in 2014/15. 201502 February 2015
Tax Watch, Edition 9, 2014 December’s Tax Watch covers Inland Revenue’s very own base erosion and profit shifting action plan and tells you which sectors could be up for audit in 2015. 201412 December 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 8, 2014 November’s Tax Watch explains controversial changes to employment law and looks at Inland Revenue’s audit procedures. 2014101517 November 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 7, 2014 In this edition of Tax Watch we discuss the latest on the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project. 2014101515 October 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 6, 2014 In this edition of Tax Watch we tell you about our growing Human Capital practice and look at tax in the courts. 2014091515 September 2014
Does New Zealand need a capital gains tax? Labour and the Greens support a capital gains tax, but National says no. There’s no easy answer, says executive director David Snell. 2014091010 September 2014
How to fall foul of the IRD? Tax avoidance is alive and well, with several tax-saving schemes doing the rounds in the market place, writes EY Partner Jo Doolan. 2014082727 August 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 5, 2014 In this special edition of Tax Watch we cover the main political parties’ tax policies and ask: how do they stack up? 2014081515 August 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 4, 2014 Tax Watch covers recent releases and developments in the tax environment you need to be aware of. Read more. 2014071616 July 2014
The case for an independent tax commissioner Could our tax system be more efficient? EY Partner Jo Doolan examines the case for an independent commissioner. 201302137 July 2014
Jobs are key to raising the retirement age With few employers offering fulltime work to those in their sixties and beyond, raising the retirement age will condemn many to a miserable old age. 201302135 July 2014
Debate needed on carbon tax proposals The Greens have fired the first shots in New Zealand’s carbon tax debate. It’s a good start, says tax partner Jo Doolan. 201302132 July 2014
Tax Watch: Edition 3, 2014 Tax Watch covers recent releases and developments in the tax environment you need to be aware of. Read more. 2013021326 June 2014
2013 Asia-Pacific R&D incentives Our 2013 edition has been updated to include Japan, as well as highlighting some significant developments in Singapore. Keep abreast of R&D changes here. 2013021310 May 2013
Getting on with business - tax agenda for 2013 The tax agenda and priorities are clear following the announced 14 September election date and several major tax initiatives. Find out more about what businesses need to consider while the remaining tax agenda continues to evolve. 2013021313 February 2013
Global indirect tax developments: the shift in 2013 How will the detailed changes in indirect taxation affect your business operations? See updates in more than 100 countries worldwide. 20130228February 2013
Transfer Pricing Exposure Draft released Find out here what the new rules mean for you and listen to our archived recording of our recent webcast. 201212022 November 2012
2012 global transfer pricing tax authority survey Tax authorities are increasing their transfer pricing staffing and the documentation burden is growing. Learn more about these trends and others in our global survey. 201205318 August 2012
Indirect tax changes impacting your business A number of indirect changes took effect from 1 July 2012. This Tax Insight provides you a summary of the key changes and action items for affected businesses. 2012053130 July 2012
Tax bills - obligations and opportunities for your business Tax bills introduced into Parliament on 24 May 2012 will result in significant changes across a range of business issues. We outline those key changes. 2012053131 May 2012
Tax consolidation: time for business to take action On 18 April 2012, an exposure draft of the law to implement changes to the tax consolidation rules was released. Learn the impact on tax consolidated groups. 201111019 May 2012
Potential cash back opportunity for companies conducting R&D in Australia The introduction of the R&D Tax Incentive from 1 July 2011 has created a significant funding opportunity for companies conducting R&D. Discover the key changes. 201111018 May 2012
International Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide 2012 This guide summarizes the estate tax planning systems and also describes wealth transfer planning considerations in 27 jurisdictions. 201111015 May 2012
Indirect tax in 2012 A review of global indirect tax developments and issues.

2011110126 April 2012
Managing tax in a changing environment At this time of significant tax changes, engaging with government has never been more important. We identify responses that business leaders and boards should consider. 2011110120 March 2012
Transfer pricing - get ready, the changes have started... This Transfer Pricing Insight examines the proposed reforms as they currently apply to taxpayers and what actions businesses should take in response. 2011110119 March 2012
Fuel tax reference guide We explore the impact of the carbon pricing mechanism, the ability for companies to opt-in, as well as an overview of ATO compliance activity. 2011110114 March 2012
2011-2012 Tax risk and controversy survey Converging trends have created the riskiest environment for tax controversy the world has experienced in years. Is your organization ready to manage these new risks? 2011110120 February 2012
2012 Executive and Board Remuneration Report Draws on our experience advising almost two-thirds of the ASX 200 companies in the last two years with analysis of executive and board remuneration practices. 2011120112 February 2012
This is not a crackdown on the use of trusts The Government recently released a consultation paper on the next phase of reform on the taxation of trusts. We provide a brief explanation. 2011100122 December 2011
Minerals Resource Rent Tax / Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Our Tax Insight addresses the key focus areas for affected tax payers, including the impact on financial statements, tax risk and compliance, systems and processes. 2011090115 December 2011
Tax consolidation reforms require action by groups Long-awaited changes to Australia’s tax consolidation laws have wide ranging impacts on consolidated groups’ recent and future transactions and prior returns. 2011110114 December 2011
Global M&A tax survey and trends: The growing role of the tax director The harder that company boards press for deals to deliver the value they promise, the more that tax directors play a critical role in identifying and delivering that value. That's the message in our second annual review of trends affecting tax aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions. 2011110115 November 2011
No supply-still no GST We discuss how businesses should be reviewing their operations to investigate whether they are entitled to claim GST refunds for supplies that have never eventuated. 2011070120 November 2011
Changing transfer pricing laws and increased ATO scrutiny Transfer Pricing Insight examines the significant impact of current legislative changes and the ATO’s planned transfer pricing administrative initiatives on the Australian transfer pricing landscape. 2011070113 November 2011
2011 Asia Pacific R&D incentives Trends in R&D are shifting at an increasing pace across Asia Pacific. Our report highlights R&D tax incentive opportunities with focus in Australia and Singapore. 201108011 November 2011
Foreign investors into Australia under the miscroscope Our Tax Insight discusses two major issues for inbound investment into Australia by foreign managed funds in the final tax determinations issued by the ATO. 2011070131 October 2011
Tax Insight Minerals Resource Rent Tax The second Exposure Draft legislation for the proposed Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) has provided taxpayers with a fuller picture of the proposed law. 2011060124 October 2011
Extension of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax The release of the Exposure Draft legislation to extend the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) to onshore oil and gas projects. 2011060124 October 2011
New legislation to change taxation of trusts This Insight explores a new tax law amendment Bill introduced to Parliament on 2 June 2011, affecting who pays tax on the income of trusts. 2011050118 October 2011
Extensive tax reforms for not-for-profit entities and charities One significant aspect of the Federal Budget was the announcement regarding proposals to alter the taxation and financial reporting landscape for NFP and charity sectors. 2011030118 October 2011
Prepare for new Australian tax reform directions Australia's Federal Treasurer, Mr Wayne Swan, when closing the Australian Tax Forum, foreshadowed six tax reform initiatives 2011040114 October 2011
FY12 Payroll Tax Matrix The 2011 Payroll tax matrix summarises payroll tax rates and exemption thresholds for FY12 across Australia's states and territories.  
Managing global tax reporting challenges Drawing on our global experience in tax performance advisory, this report delivers insights on global tax reporting challenges and leading practices to address them. 2011040125 September 2011
Visiting New Zealand for sports tournaments What you need to know about indirect tax, immigration and income tax 2011040123 August 2011
Full Federal Court rejects ATO transfer pricing approach This Transfer Pricing Insight discusses the implication of the ATO’s loss in the significant transfer pricing case with SNF (Australia) Pty Ltd. 2011040120 June 2011
Marking time: 2011 Federal Budget Brief What do the Treasurer’s restrained Budget announcements mean to Australian business and where else does Australia need to focus to drive long-term economic sustainability? 2011030112 April 2011
Revamped APA Program offers more clarity for taxpayers This Transfer Pricing Insight discusses the implication of the ATO’s updated guidelines (PS LA 2011/1) for Advanced Pricing Arrangements (APAs). 2011030117 March 2011
Building for the future - create solid foundations Remuneration practices in 2010 and 2011 2011030111 March 2011
Building for the future - Creating solid foundations A snapshot of the remuneration environment in 2010 and 2011 2011030111 March 2011
Foreign source income reform: time for action on your foreign investments This Tax Insight discusses the implications of the exposure draft legislation relating to controlled foreign company (CFC) and foreign accumulation fund (FAF) rules. 2011030123 February 2011
No respite for family discretionary trusts Private Client Services Insight examining two important Federal Court cases, and potential issues arising from the proposed rewrite of the trust tax laws. 2011030115 February 2011
Global Transfer Pricing Survey 2010 The 2010 global transfer pricing survey examines the approaches and attitudes of tax authorities and corporate tax professionals across 25 countries. 2011020117 January 2011
Wealth under the spotlight Wealth under the spotlight explores the current tax policy direction and the rise in collaboration and taxpayer information sharing among tax administrations around the world. 2011020112 January 2011

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