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BVL and EY recognize companies with the best Corporate Governance of the Peruvian capital market

Lima, 06 de julio de 2017

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Only six companies have managed to meet the evaluation criteria for entry to the Good Corporate Governance Index: S & P / BVL IBGC 2017-2018

On July 6th. , the Lima Stock Exchange – Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL) and EY held a ceremony to recognize the good corporate practices of 16 companies, from 21 applicants. Among those recognized, six companies are part of the 2017 - 2018 (S&P / BVL IBGC) Good Corporate Governance Index portfolio. This year was the 10th edition of the award, an important date that incorporated a special recognition for those entities that have been participating during this first decade.
The IBGC index is an indicator that was created in 2008 which provides investors with an additional tool that supports in their decision making process. It´s participants are companies from different sectors.

Marco Antonio Zaldívar, President of the BVL, said: "The promotion and implementation of good corporate governance practices is summarized in a single word: RESPECT. Respect not only to investors, who seek profitability and security in a company, but respect to their workers, respect to the suppliers who compromise their products, respect from the financial institutions that finance their operations, respect to the society in general. From the BVL we consider important to sensitize the investors in terms of responsible investments, which contribute not only to their benefit but also to their environment. "

About the La Voz del Mercado Award, Paulo Pantigoso, EY Country Managing Partner commented: "It is not enough to comply or say that is fulfilled [the corporate governance standards], it is necessary to convince, impact and reach those we relate; win recognition with consistency and a lot of work. That makes the company more competitive and creates a better business environment. La Voz del Mercado recognizes the concrete importance of corporate governance in Peru and generates spaces for the experience interchange about Corporate Governance challenges that we face today.”

In this year edition, the evaluation criteria’s were more rigorous than former years. To become part of the IBGC index, companies must have a minimum compliance level of 80% (75% previous year) of the Corporate Governance Best Practices Principles Code stablished by the SMV, also have liquidity in their shares, not having serious or very serious sanctions emitted by the SMV and achieving a minimum score of 3.00 (from 1 to 5 scale, where 1 is deficient, 2 regular, 3 good, 4 very good and 5 excellent) in the Market´s Voice survey (2.75 – Regular qualification equivalent – was the minimum required in the previous edition).


S&P/BVL IBGC Index 2017/2018 portafolio

  1. Alicorp S.A.A
  2. BBVA Banco Continental
  3. Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A
  4. Compañía de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A.
  5. Credicorp LTD
  6. Ferreycorp S.A.A.

Companies which were recognized with Corporate Governance Good Practices

  1. A.F.P. Integra S.A.
  2. AFP Habitat S.A.
  3. Cavali S.A. I.C.L.V.
  4. Prima AFP S.A.
  5. Profuturo A.F.P.
  6. Red de Energia del Perú S.A.
  7. Refinería La Pampilla S.A.A. - RELAPASA S.A.A.
  8. Rimac Seguros Y Reaseguros
  9. Scotiabank Peru S.A.A.
  10. Telefónica del Perú S.A.A.