Judging Criteria

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A highly distinguished panel of independent judges will evaluate nominees in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking, capacity for personal growth. Demonstrates perseverance in the face of adversity and to overcoming obstacles. Has tasted significant disappointments and learned from experiences. While he/she relies on trusted individuals and the team, also shows capacity to be an independent thinker and to take risks in the face of uncertainty.
  • Financial Performance: Return on equities, revenues, profitability, and growth rate indicating long-term sustainability. This is reflected in the strength of the organization’s financial performance today; the track record in raising finance; the quality of past investments; and the provision in place for long term sustainability.
  • Strategic Direction: Creates and turns business visions into business realities. Builds and rebuilds the teams’ commitment to the common goals. Demonstrates entrepreneurial maturity by building strategic alliances and surrounding him/herself with talented people—individuals, teams, the Board, and a range of advisers/allies to ensure success for all.
  • Community/Global Impact: Making an impact in terms of job creation and improved living economics in their own community and globally if business has expanded successfully overseas.
  • Innovation: Pioneers a new approach or technology. Recognizes business imperative of anticipating and embracing changes occurring in the competitive environment through continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects of the business. Creates a culture of innovation.
  • Personal Integrity/Influence: Living their values has earned him/her great respect from staff, competitors, advisers, family and wider community. Coupled with the ability to communicate ideas, this creates the potential to influence others.