Managing in turbulent times

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What’s next for the markets? No one knows for sure, of course, but there are positive ways to explore risks and opportunities even in today’s uncertain economic world.

To help you and your business steer a steadier course, our global network of professionals offers ways to think about risk, private equity and financial operations.

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Hot Topic: fair value accounting and the recent period of market turmoil

This update on major accounting and auditing activities focuses on the two SEC roundtables on fair value accounting and the effect of the current economic environment (pdf, 229kb). From EY's Hot Topic, 21 November 2008.

Summary of second SEC roundtable on fair value accounting

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hosted the second of two roundatables focused on fair value as used by financial institutions. The roundtables are public hearings intended to provide the SEC with insights from investors, companies and other market participants affected by the current market conditions. This latest roundtable centered on whether potential improvements to existing fair value accounting standards are warranted (pdf, 490kb).

Audit committees refocus during the financial crisis

Not surprisingly, audit committee agendas and discussions have changed focus drastically due to the financial crisis. The economic downturn demands additional audit committee scrutiny (pdf, 88kb) in many areas. Read on to find out what these concerns are and how company boards are dealing with them.

Manage risk in the current climate

This issue of BoardMatters Quarterly, "Managing risk in the current climate" (pdf, 610kb), is dedicated to helping audit committees identify, prepare for and protect against the key risks their companies may face during these strenuous times.