A world of opportunity

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Our Spotlight series on cross-border transactions explores the transaction landscape in emerging markets.

As corporations and other investors turn their attention to international opportunities, they are increasingly looking beyond traditional markets to achieve high growth and competitive advantage. These reports provide an overview of:

  • Opportunity sectors
  • Political context
  • Practical considerations and challenges surrounding deal-making in each area

Discover more about these emerging, and exciting, markets:

Spotlight on Central Eastern Europe (pdf, 1.9mb)
CEE countries combine many of the attractions of developed economies. They are also moving closer to Western Europe transaction processes, meaning the business of doing deals is quicker, more transparent, and less bureaucratic than in many rival investment destinations.

Spotlight on Russia and CIS (pdf, 1.6mb)
The 'Russian discount' is uppermost in public perceptions, but those on the ground believe that investors concentrating their attention solely on China and India may miss a once-for-all opportunity. These markets may be more accessible than many investors think.

Spotlight on India (pdf, 893kb)
A new India is emerging — young, entrepreneurial, skilled, and competitive. With a professional business culture, a well established legal system, and English as the language of commerce, investors find that India is more transaction oriented than other emerging markets.