Sowing the seeds of future success

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To emerge from the recession in a strong position, you need to identify opportunities that develop your business – and implement strategies that distinguish you from your competition.

From creating new products to expanding into new markets, this is the time to strengthen your business model, so you’re ready to grasp new growth opportunities as they start to arise.

Achieving this requires a sustained focus on operational effectiveness, making strategic acquisitions and gaining share in the right markets.

EY’s multi-disciplinary teams can provide you with integrated, objective advice to help you control costs, increase efficiency, evaluate opportunities and improve transaction outcomes.

So you become a more agile organization, that’s better equipped to respond to change, enter new markets and sustain a successful business in the future.

Malta attractiveness survey 2016: the future is today

Eighty-seven percent of investors believe Malta is attractive to FDI, and nearly 58% believe it will remain so in the near future. Read the details.

European attractiveness survey shows resilience

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2011 European attractiveness survey

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Ignition sessions explore future of the electric vehicle

By 2020, EV-based transportation will have reached the tipping point. But what needs to happen in the next decade to reach that point? The 2010 Ignition Summary Report and Ignition video explore the latest advances and the critical factors impacting success of the electric vehicle industry.