Tax risk: nobody said it would be easy

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In today’s market, tax directors and CFOs have to react to increased internal and external scrutiny — bringing about greater awareness of the need for tax risk management. This includes the overall management of the tax department as well as implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards, FAS 109, new internal control management and reporting standards such as SOX-404 and greater uncertainty over tax positions taken in the past.

Webcast: tax risk management
Legislative and regulatory changes around the world have made tax risk planning an urgent and top priority. This webcast discusses why tax risk management is becoming essential to protecting corporate reputations.

Taking hold of global mobility risk
Two factors lie at the heart of global mobility risk: complexity and change. Since neither of these is going to disappear any time soon, the challenge is how to deal with them. Our Human Capital professionals provide insight (pdf, 144kb) on how companies can control and mitigate the many challenges involved in doing business globally.