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Recent news releases issued by EY in Romania. For any details, please contact the Marketing and Communication team .

August 2013

  • 12 EY Romania employees gain ACCA certification

    12 August 2013 - ACCA is one of the most valuable international practicing certificates in financial accounting. Read more

  • The unemployed generation in Romania

    8 August 2013 - After the generation of sacrifice, referring to those who struggled with the transition from communist values to market economy, "the lost generation" refers to the young generation who cannot find a job due to the crisis and economic uncertainty in the past 5 years. Read more

  • What we do not know about social media marketing

    6 August 2013 - In the search of tools, platforms and applications that could facilitate a better conversion rate of social media interactions into sales, many companies are questioning the potential of social media marketing and its relevance for the business-to-business area. Read more

  • Differences in power and gas regulation in 15 European countries and in Romania

    7 August 2013 - In Europe, no two countries are regulated in quite the same way in the power and gas sector. At the same time, regulations in this particular area are highly complex, making it difficult to understand these markets. The growing pressure from authorities for higher efficiency and lower costs are added to these differences in regulation, as well as political interference, which may lead to an instable regulatory environment. Read more

March 2013

  • Corporaţiile globale cântăresc stabilitatea băncilor partenere

    13 March 2013 - Majoritatea executivilor din corporaţii (89%) au votat calitatea serviciilor drept cel mai important criteriu pentru selectarea principalelor bănci partenere şi pentru continuarea relaţiei cu acestea. Clientii corporativi sunt din ce în ce mai interesaţi de stabilitatea băncilor cu care colaborează şi de înţelegerea profilurilor de risc ale acestora, se arată în studiul EY Successful corporate banking: Focus on fundamentals, lansat astăzi. Read more

  • Business Pulse Survey: Topul riscurilor şi oportunităţilor din industria asigurărilor în anul 2013

    5 March 2013 - Pe măsură ce asigurătorii se adaptează la noul mediu economic, cu marje mai mici de profit şi măsuri de reglementare mai stricte, tendinţele macroeconomice şi menţinerea unei rate lente de creştere ocupă primul loc în topul riscurilor din industrie, se arată în raportul EY - Business Pulse: Exploring the dual perspectives of the top risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond. Read more

February 2013

  • Romania continues to be among the world's most attractive countries for renewable energy investments

    26 February 2013 - Romania ranks 13th in EY’s top that measures the market attractiveness for investments in renewable energy projects in 40 countries, maintaining the same position as in 2012. The Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices, which covers the period between December 2012 and February 2013, places Romania ahead of countries like Poland, Turkey, Spain and Austria. Read more

  • EY releases A vision for growth – The Business Outlook for Romania 2013 

    12 February 2013 - 25% of the business leaders in Romania are very confident and 40% are relatively confident that their companies will grow in 2013. However, they are significantly less optimistic regarding the growth of the industry they are active in – only 4% being very confident in this evolution. Read more

  • EY releases Entrepreneurs Speak Out – The Barometer of Entrepreneurship Romania 2012 

    7 February 2013 - Romanian entrepreneurs lack relevant information about sources of financing, organizations that support entrepreneurship and specific entrepreneurial education and training. Moreover, the negative image of business failure in Romania and the sluggish economic environment are perceived by entrepreneurs as important obstacles, as shown by the first EY entrepreneurship barometer released today at the Romanian Business Leaders Summit. Read more

  • The Romanian M&A market has doubled in 2012 

    4 February 2013 - The size of the Romanian M&A market has doubled in terms of value in 2012 compared to 2011, showing a 106% increase to an estimated value of USD 788 million, according to the M&A Barometer issued by EY Romania. Read more

January 2013

  • EUR 20 billion is unnecessarily tied up in working capital in the CSE region alone

    28 January 2013 - Still few companies are taking maximum advantage of their most accessible form of liquidity and cheapest form of financing: working capital – says EY's latest working capital management report. Read more

  • EY presents the Fiscal Code changes to companies in Bucharest, at the seventh annual tax conference

    24 January 2013 - EY’s 7th Annual Tax Conference was held today at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, where nine tax and business advisory specialists presented the main amendments to the Fiscal Code, Fiscal Code Norms and other tax and accounting regulations that will be impacting on Romanian companies in 2013. Read more

  • Romania climbs up one position in the Globalization Index

    21 January 2013 - Despite weak growth in 2012 and an uncertain economic outlook in many markets for 2013, globalization is still increasing among a majority of the world’s 60 leading economies according to the EY’s annual globalization report. Romania ranks 31st overall, performing in line with the global average. Read more

  • Rebuild the service company operating model in power & utilities

    16 January 2013 - The power and utilities industry, long known for stable, predictable earnings, has become more volatile. There are a variety of factors at work, but the core challenges are simple: costs are rising, revenues are falling, and neither public utility commissions nor commodity markets are offering relief. Read more

  • Dragoş Radu joins EY as a Partner and Head of the Legal Services practice in Romania 

    14 January 2013 - Dragoş Radu, one of the leading Romanian lawyers in Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Real Estate, and Corporate Law, has joined EY Romania as a Partner and Head of the Legal Services practice, which functions as a separate affiliate law office. In this role, Dragoş will lead firm’s efforts to expand market share, client portfolio and range of services. Read more

  • Mobile technology poised to enable a new era in health care 

    10 January 2013 - The exponential development of mobile intelligent technologies generates a powerful impact in the entire global medical ecosystem.  There’s already a lot of talk around the mHealth concept, or mobile-based medicine, as shown in  EY report,  mHealth - Mobile technology poised to enable a new era in health care. Read more