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Global compliance and reporting

Limited visibility and control over local country statutory accounting and tax compliance and concerns around cost, value and risk are leading finance and tax functions to re-think how they operate their global compliance and reporting functions.

Currently, organizations are facing increased challenges to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape and compliance pressure. Functions such as Tax compliance, Payroll processing and Financial Accounting demand dedicated time, resources and a high level of competence.

To ensure compliance, reduce risk and increase efficiency, companies are outsourcing these functions. When outsourcing these functions, companies need to ensure that the team they are outsourcing to is well versed in the latest developments in financial and tax regulations, and with local statutory requirements, which are dynamic in nature.

How we can help?

Global compliance and reporting services

EY’s global compliance and reporting services assist clients in redesigning and implementing global statutory accounting and tax compliance processes.
Our services include:

  • Implementation of centrally-managed outsourcing models that provide the client with greater control and visibility over global activities
  • Assistance in the migration of statutory reporting and tax compliance processes from local countries to shared service centers
  • Development of new operating models to address entry into new markets, integration with finance transformation initiatives and implementation of shared service centers
  • Inventory of statutory reporting and tax compliance requirements, assessments of potential risk areas, and development of operating blueprints to implement more effective management, control and visibility over the global compliance and reporting function

Tax compliance and reporting services

Russia has many country specific compliance requirements. As such, replication of your home country experience in the Russian environment is likely to lead to non-compliance, higher costs and, in some cases, reputation damage. EY’s team, with 25 years of experience in Russia, provides the complete range of services that you will need to properly fulfill your Russian compliance and reporting obligations, from the very moment you enter the Russian market. We would be happy to assist you in the following areas:

  • Registration of legal entities and/or branches
  • Bookkeeping
  • Statutory financial reporting preparation
  • Corporate income tax compliance
  • VAT compliance
  • Other tax compliance
  • Assistance with tax provisions
  • Payroll and employment tax compliance
  • HR compliance/Immigration services
  • Corporate law compliance
  • De-registration of legal entities and/or branches

Tax accounting and risk advisory services (TARAS)

Read more about Tax accounting and risk advisory services (TARAS) >>

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