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Business transformation 

Businesses in developing markets, including the CIS, face different strategic challenges and changing market demands. We have combined our key competencies to deliver a new approach, a new service which the market has labeled “Business transformation”. 

Business transformation helps increase revenue or market share, cut costs and realign the way an organization works, how an organization is structured and how technology is used. 


In order to really understand the voices of customers and perform customer journey mapping to identify pain-points, advanced companies use many tools, and social media listening is one of them. Social media is a rapidly evolving platform that shares and amplifies individual opinions and can create strategic opportunities or unforeseen risks for companies. Many organizations struggle with how to incorporate what’s meaningful from these voices into their decision making and risk management processes. 

While many organizations are able to offer monitoring services, the real value of EY’s Social Media Analytics is to provide our clients with professionally interpreted social media insight to help them make more informed business decisions. 

Business intelligence 

Today’s Business Intelligence technologies are able to process huge amounts of data on-the-fly and they can effectively manage workflow on such complicated things as budgeting or financial consolidation for a large holding company. 

We know how to get the maximum value from implementation. Our experienced and professional team can deliver a number of services in the area of Business Intelligence that we are proud to offer. 

Develop leadership potential 

Effective leaders provide the direction and alignment that is key to meeting business objectives. With the help of the EY Academy of Business you can build leadership development programs around the world’s leading personality tool — the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). 

By embedding MBTI into an organization, a positive foundation is set that can be applied repeatedly to multiple business needs over time and provide excellent value — developing leadership potential, improving communication, managing conflict, managing stress, optimizing the decision making process, managing organizational change, etc.