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Audit remediation

New regulations are increasing the pressure on companies to enhance the transparency of their financial information. To meet these heightened expectations, organizations need to keep reviewing and improving their financial and accounting processes. 

With our best in class and extensive experience in auditing, process benchmarking and best practice, our audit remediation team can help you find the best way to eliminate deficiencies that might affect the timely production and quality of your financial reporting. We can guide you through the entire process of remediating findings from audits and similar reviews. 

Consolidation and reporting  

Internationally listed companies and family businesses with multiple entities face many challenges in their financial accounting and reporting. Consolidations and reporting form an integral part of effective management, and are key to providing accurate information to investors and regulators in an environment. EY advises clients and provides assistance on every aspect of the consolidation and reporting process, helping businesses achieve faster, higher-quality reporting, control risk and develop their financial acumen. 

EY’s thorough understanding of consolidation and reporting, combined with insights on best practices and current regulatory and industry issues, will help clients optimize their financial processes and achieve significant improvements. We can advise or provide assistance in various areas, including design and implementation of complete, robust and well-documented reporting processes for businesses and financial consolidation for shareholders, we can also foster process improvement to eliminate delays and increase efficiency.

Corporate compliance 

Corporate compliance never escapes the agenda of effective company leaders. Our FIDS team can assist in assessing and improving your compliance program, and in monitoring compliance controls to assess the program’s effectiveness. Assessments help understand and prioritize compliance risks, including regulatory requirements, corporate standards, fraud, bribery and corruption.

We also assist in monitoring controls related to compliance risks to identify gaps in operating effectiveness. Our monitoring services include process and control effectiveness evaluations and data analysis to identify potential areas of non-compliance. 

Fraud risk assessment 

The risk of fraud is a significant threat facing entities all over the world. Fraud risk assessments help clients understand and prioritize their fraud risks. These assessments are typically conducted via forensic data analysis, interviews of selected employees and an evaluation of existing controls and procedures for the identified risks (e.g., a gap analysis). 

We also provide recommendations for improvements identified on the basis of the assessment in order to improve areas where risks are not adequately managed. 

Integrated reporting 

Companies nowadays face profound pressures. Among these are increased investor and stakeholder expectations regarding non-financial and financial reporting, which are intended to demonstrate a company’s real value. In the business world integrated reporting represents a meaningful and significant opportunity to evolve corporate reporting for the future: it can focus and help develop a company’s strategies to manage both financial and non-financial capital.