Adding value in the current environment – Transaction Advisory Services

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Credit rating assistance 

EY professionals help clients to obtain, improve and maintain their external credit rating from leading rating agencies. We help to optimize the ratings outcome through our expertise in presenting credits and dealing with agencies and their methodologies. We assess the client’s business from the perspective of key credit rating evaluation focus points and address the main areas for improvement. We advise on rating agency selection and guide clients through the rating process. 

Transaction strategy and operations 

We can assist clients in prioritizing and transforming their current capital agenda, achieving strategic imperatives and addressing the most complex business challenges. Our dedicated cross-functional and sector teams help to assess strategic growth opportunities by identifying areas for revenue generation, market expansion and potential synergies. 

We provide advice on the optimal capital structure, including an assessment of the current capital structure, credit positioning and liquidity profile and pro forma capital structure credit profile, including an independent review of forecast cash flows and the establishment and prioritization of funding objectives and criteria. 

Divestment advisory services 

Divestments, a primary means of portfolio optimization, preserving and raising capital, deserves greater attention in today’s changing transaction landscape. EY’s dedicated and multifunctional divestment professionals can assist with exit strategies through to executing a deal. We can help mitigate financial, tax and operational risks in advance of buyer due diligence. 

Our goal is to help clients to become more effective negotiators and maximize value when they sell their business. We work with corporate and private equity clients on a variety of divestments, including sales of the entire company, carve-outs, spinoffs and joint ventures. 

Transaction diligence 

Traditional methods of due diligence often narrowly focus on analyzing historical results. They may not be able to support an organization’s value creation plans or help management realize its investment thesis. Our diligence approach focuses on value drivers that affect a buyer’s purchase price and expected return. 

We also reveal the principal barriers that can delay or derail a successful deal. Specifically, we organize our diligence approach around the following key value drivers: commercial and strategic rationale, financial risks, operations, synergies, regulatory risks and financial statement risks.