EY alumni party 2013

EY Alumni Party 2013

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Dear friends,

On 27 June 2013, as has been our tradition for many years, we welcomed you – friends and colleagues we worked with at EY and Andersen – to our annual EY Alumni Party in Moscow. This year we were all transported to the world of the theater. There was an improvised rehearsal of a real interactive production of “The Cherry Orchard”, based on themes from the plays of Anton Chekhov. Arriving guests were greeted by theatrical posters, actors in period costumes and heroes from Chekhov’s era (depicted by EY partners), heard music played on a real gramophone and attended the opening of an exhibition of vintage photos. The rooftop of the Avrora Business Center was transformed for the evening into a theater with a stage, curtain and, of course, a refreshment bar.

At the entrance to the theater was a photo studio, where guests received “magic books” of photos. On the terrace there were master classes in marbling (guests made and painted decorations for themselves), calligraphy, tying neckties and ladies’ scarves and a cognac tasting at the theater’s refreshment bar.

Before the show started, the guests were greeted by the EY Theater’s artistic director, chief stage director and troupe leader: Karl Johansson, who doubles as CIS Managing Partner, Alexander Ivlev, also Managing Partner for Russia, and Alexei Ivanov, President of the Moscow Alumni Club of EY and Andersen. Vadim Mikhailov, Russian Railways Vice President for Economics and Finance, gave an in-depth interview on the topic of theater. In the intermission, we held our traditional prize giveaway. Especially memorable was the spirited performance of gypsies with their enchanting songs and dances.

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s EY Alumni Club get-together. We hope you enjoyed the evening’s program. In order to recapture that festive atmosphere and take a look back at your friends and colleagues, we invite you to review a collection of photos from the event.

Write and let us know who you met and spoke with, how you liked the evening, what prizes and gifts you went home with, what you found the most interesting.

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