Food Industry CFO Business Breakfast

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EY has successfully launched a new business breakfast series dedicated to providing a platform for CFOs of domestic and international companies. Following our EY industry setup, the CFO Business Breakfast will be held for specific industries. Location matters, so on 8 November the first CFO Breakfast was hosted by the Swiss Ambassador at his Residence. This CFO Business Breakfast was organized for leading food companies by the RCP Market Segment Team and the CIS Inbound Investment Team.

"We created a new platform for CFOs to discuss hot industry-related issues from both the strategic and operational perspectives," said Dmitry Khalilov, Tax Partner, RCP Leader in the CIS.

A selected number of CFOs from well-known companies like Kraft Foods (now Mondelez International), Ferrero, Kellogg’s and Cargill came to enjoy a good Swiss breakfast and an intensive discussion around their industry-specific issues in Russia. The Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank in Russia started off the discussion with a brief summary of the current economic situation in Russia and conveyed the short-term outlook. "I have hardly experienced such an intensive discussion about CFO and industry-specific topics at such an early morning hour," said Tobias Luepke, Law Partner, CIS Inbound Leader. "Everyone was inspired by the great introduction from Yaroslav Lissovolik of Deutsche Bank and the discussion proceeded from there."

Based on the positive feedback of the participants, we will continue the CFO Business Breakfast series in another embassy in the first quarter of 2013.

"The CFO Business Breakfast concept received a warm welcome from the participants," added Dmitry. "This platform represents a significant extension of Ernst Young’s Global CFO Program."