How to make PPP work in Russia: 2012 Overview

State policy on PPPs

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86% of surveyed private investors consider that there is no unified state policy on PPPs.

Only 8% of surveyed public officials indicated that they fully understood and supported current state policy on PPPs (while in other groups there were no respondents who indicated this).

Current policy received the lowest evaluation from representatives of credit institutions and private investors.

Here are a few opinions of survey participants:

“The state needs to determine its priorities.” – a representative of a foreign private investor

“PPPs are still a political rather than an economic decision. When state bodies act on the basis of long-term project economy, there will be financing for project preparation as well as transparent tenders and appropriate results.” − a public official

“The actions taken by federal ministries to develop PPP mechanisms are not coordinated; no state agency has been made responsible for formulating PPP policy.” − a representative of a development institution

“[We need] to get away from the universal practice of state orders and use and develop PPPs as an alternative approach to infrastructure projects ...” − a representative of a Russian private investor

“Unified approaches and terminology [are required].” — a representative of a development institution

“We need a comprehensive program that, in addition to the fine tuning of legislation, will include the upgrading of state and municipal officials, methodological support for the regions, the development of standard projects, etc.” − a public official

“Structure and transparency at all levels of government: federal, regional and municipal. Organization of institutions responsible for developing and improving unitary rules, legislative initiative, preparation of public officials to manage the investment climate and projects, development of judicial practice in connection with PPP cases, development of relations with foreign institutions that export investments, functions involving guarantees that the rules of the game will be followed.” − a public official.

Assessment of current state policy on PPPs


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